Replacement Windows Installed in Chatham NJ – View Our Work

This customer in Chatham, New Jersey purchased brand new replacement windows to replace the 15-year-old builder grade windows in her home. These original low-quality vinyl windows that are manufactured by Silverline are notorious in the New Jersey market for displaying a host of problems. Our client’s windows were particularly leaking water and letting in a significant amount of drafts.

Seeking to correct these problems, our customer purchased the most energy-efficient replacement windows on the market. The ThermaLast window. Not only does this window come with the best AI, UI, and SHGC numbers, it also has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty which will protect our customer for as long as they own their home.

Another concern that the client had was the significant amount of sunlight coming in through her windows. Naturally, they found this to be quite annoying.  We offered her the lift and tilt mini blind option as a solution and they absolutely love it.

Products We Used:

  • White ThermaLast replacement windows
  • White internal lift and tilt mini blinds
  • Primed interior stop moldings
  • Primed interior extension jambs
  • Primed interior 3-1/4″ moldings
  • White aluminum capping
  • Spray foam insulation
  • High-quality white OSI silicone