Cheap Window Replacement: How To Choose the Best Windows for Your Budget

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Cheap window replacement may seem like your best option at first glance. But when you dig a little deeper, you may be surprised to find out the real cost.

A picture of a cheap window replacement with poor lighting and no insulation.

If you are looking for window installation in NJ, the most affordable window may not be the one you think it is. You can pay for cheap window replacement, but that’s often more of a headache than it’s worth. 


The most affordable window is not the one that saves you money short term. It is the one that continues to give you a return on your investment for years down the road. A low price tag often means low-quality materials. That means higher energy bills for you.


Over time, you may spend more money repairing and repainting the cheap window than you would have spent if you had purchased the better quality window from the start. It could even be double or triple the price!


If you want the most bang for your buck, avoid cutting corners. 


What good will that cheap window do you when you burn holes through your pockets to maintain them?


When the flimsy window you bought breaks 2-3 years from now, who pays to replace it? Definitely not your contractor!


Homeowners know how expensive keeping their home warm is in the winter. Cooling things down in the summer can cost you a pretty penny too. If you live in New York or New Jersey, you need an energy-efficient window that can handle both.


Before you buy a cheap window that turns out to be more expensive than you planned, think of the big picture. 


There are five things you should look out for when determining whether or not you can afford to replace your old window, and the price tag isn’t even the most important one. 


5 Things You Need To Know When Looking For Cheap Window Replacement:


1. Price.


Price is always important to consider. You have to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. But a lot more goes into price than just how much you pay for the window itself. You also have to pay for the labor to install the window. So that window from your local home improvement store might only be $200, but by the time you find someone to put it in for you, you could be paying thousands of dollars.


Even if you decide to replace the thing yourself, how long until you have to replace that window, spending all of your hard earned money again? If the window or the installation is poor quality, it could be much sooner than you want. So, would you rather spend $4,000 twice, or $6,000 once? We think the choice is pretty obvious.


2. Cost.


Price is how much you pay upfront for the window installation. Cut cost is how much it impacts you in the long run. So you might have saved yourself a little money on the front end. But now that you have these windows, how much are you spending to maintain your home every month?


  • Cheap windows won’t last long. In just a few years, you could spend double or even triple the cost of a high-quality window to recover from the cheap window replacement you thought was going to save you money!
  • Cheap windows typically do not have well-insulated glass or frames. You will spend way more than you saved once you get your electric bill at the end of every month.
  • Cheap windows may not cost a lot upfront. But you still have to pay to install them. The wrong contractor may cut corners that end up doing more damage than anything else.


One of the biggest ways that people take on the long-term cost of a bad window is with their heating and cooling bills.


3. Energy efficiency.

If your windows are poorly insulated, you will be hemorrhaging way more money on your energy bill than what you spent on them. That’s exactly what happens with these so-called affordable windows that simply are not made of the high-quality materials that you, the homeowner, deserve. All of a sudden, that great price you got on that window ain’t so great, huh?


You know the old saying, “you get what you pay for”. When it comes to cheap window replacement, that could not be more true. At Windows & Doors By The Men With Tools, we may be a little more expensive than the other guys, but it’s an overall better experience for you and your bank account. 


We offer some of the most energy-efficient windows available, especially if you want a double pane. Our glass is better insulated. Our frames are better insulated. Even our installations are better insulated.


You’ll save up to 50% on your electricity bill. And these windows last up to 50 years, so they may even pay for themselves. An energy-efficient home is an investment. But with all the money they can save you over time, they’re worth it! And remember, it’s not just the window that can impact your electric bill. The quality of the replacement can affect you, too. 


So let’s take a look at why it matters.


4.  Installation.


The window you choose may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean the contractor who installs it will be. To make matters worse, that contractor will most likely do the bare minimum to keep the window from falling out of the frame. They won’t insulate your walls, apply a waterproof seal, and secure your investment like we will.


As a homeowner, those things matter more than you may think they do—especially in NJ or NYC. A poorly installed window that lacks insulation does you no good.


If that window is not airtight, it lets cold air into your home and allows warm air to escape. That means a higher electric bill for you every month.


Without proper support, it’s only a matter of time before that window sags or falls out of its pocket. You are at an even higher risk if your walls are taking on water damage, which is a real possibility without high-quality seals like we use. At Windows & Doors By The Men With Tools, we take care of all of those things. But we also take it one step further.


We cover everything about your window replacement from beginning to end. That includes what happens long after we leave. Can the contractor overseeing your cheap window replacement do that?


Probably not.


5. Warranty.


With cheap window replacement, most contractors have what we call a tail light warranty. That means the warranty lasts as long as you can see the tail lights while your contractor drives away! After that, good luck if anything breaks, goes missing, or is not installed right!


Whether it’s months, weeks, or even just a day later, you end up paying for things on the back end that the contractor should have done in the first place! With us, not only do you get a lifetime warranty (on your windows, materials, AND parts) we also provide you with our worry-free guarantee. So, what exactly does this include? Well, think about it this way. Ten years from now, if your kid throws a baseball through the window or your landscaper sends a rock flying into your glass, we’ll replace it for you, no problem.


From the moment we install your windows, you’re family. That means we will fix anything at any time, free of charge. No exclusions, no questions asked!


Life happens. But with Windows & Doors By The Men With Tools, you’re always covered.


Cheap Window Replacement Isn’t Cheap


We get it, home improvement projects are expensive. But window and door installations are among the few home improvement projects that have a true return on your investment. It’s always tempting to save a little money. But if you try to cut corners with a cheap window replacement, it can become your most expensive mistake. You may feel budget-savvy purchasing an inexpensive window and getting your cousin’s friend to install it in your home for a couple of slices of pizza.


But cheap windows mean cheap materials, and cheap labor means cheap results.


The money you save today will go right down the drain after you get your energy bill.


Or when your window breaks before you recover your finances, and now you’re digging into your pockets to pay for another one. Add up the cost of repainting and maintaining that window every few years, and you’ll find you were better off investing a little more money in a higher-quality window when you had the chance.


What Is The Most Affordable Window?


If you are looking for the best window for your budget, here are the five things you need to consider before you make your choice:


  1. What is the price of the window and the installation?
  2. How much does this new investment cost you long-term? Ideally, your window installation should save you money, not waste it.
  3. Are your new windows energy efficient, or will they raise your energy bill every month once they are in your home?
  4. Is your contractor cutting corners on the service, or will they do it right the first time? How much will it cost you to fix what they should have done but chose not to?
  5. Is there a warranty to cover you if anything goes wrong with your new windows? How long until it expires?


In the end, you get what you pay for. Make the best possible investment with Windows & Doors By The Men With Tools. Contact us today for a free quote!