Why We “Oops-Proof” Your Windows & Doors With Homeowner-Accident Protection

People Can’t Believe We Cover Homeowner Mishaps… But We Think It’s Silly NOT To.


As part of our “Break Your Glass, Get A Pass” Lifetime Warranty, we cover homeowner accidents on windows and doors in Staten Island and New Jersey. If you break a latch, your dog rips the screen, or your kid throws a baseball through your glass, we take care of everything—getting the parts, performing the work, and so on. All for the low, low price of $0.00.

This oops-proof protection often prompts the same question from both contractors and homeowners: “Why?”

Other Staten Island and New Jersey contractors can’t believe I do it. Paying precious dollars to fix a customer-caused mistake? They’ve never heard of such a thing! They look at me like I’m crazy. I even see pity in some of their eyes—they’re convinced I spend all my time (and money) running around town fixing people’s goofs.

Homeowners are almost as incredulous about the guarantee. They refuse to believe a contractor, of all people, would spend his or her own dime to fix a mistake a customer made. There’s got to be some sort of catch, fine print, or loophole.

I’m happy to report these assumptions are dead wrong.

First, I don’t spend all day doing service calls for homeowner mishaps. Contrary to what other contractors think, homeowners aren’t careless klutzes who constantly go around breaking their windows. I get a handful of customer-caused service calls a year, tops. And they’re typically freak accidents out of the customer’s control.

Second, I get so few service calls for homeowner accidents that it basically costs me nothing. In addition, the problems are usually small—a ripped screen here, a dented frame there. Nothing that would send me to the poorhouse. Actually, the opportunity to reconnect with a customer is worth MUCH more than a $200 glass pane.

Third, I keep the homeowner-accidents warranty 99.7% free from loopholes, fine print, and exclusions. There are only three exceptions:

⦁ The accident protection doesn’t cover flooring. (If it did, THEN I’d be in the poorhouse.)
⦁ If you do something exceptionally silly (i.e., jump on your window like a trampoline or use your entry door for target practice).
⦁ If you cause intentional damage. (If you’re that desperate to see me again, just ask me to dinner!)

Other than that, you’re completely covered. Forever and always.

On the whole, my customers take excellent care of their windows and doors. After all, they’ve invested a good chunk of money into the project, so why wouldn’t they demonstrate the proper TLC?

Long story short: I trust you, and I trust you’ll take great care of your doors and windows. But I get that accidents happen… and I think it’s only right to help you out if one happens to you. That is why The Men With Tools is your “oops-proof” protection against mess ups, mishaps, and misadventure.

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