We’re Not Right For Every Homeowner, And We’re Not Afraid To Admit It

We Don’t Have The Cheapest Prices, But We’re Also Not The Most Expensive.

That Makes Us Right For A Certain Kind Of Homeowner… The One Who Wants The Hands-Down Best VALUE.


I’m convinced it was a contractor who first uttered the adage, “Try to please everyone, and you end up pleasing no one.” Because when it comes to windows and doors in Staten Island and New Jersey, not all homeowners want the same thing. Not by a long shot.

Some people want the best of the best windows and doors, regardless of cost. Others want the absolute cheapest price, period. And others prefer to shop based on how much VALUE they’ll get for their money.

As a result, it’s impossible for a window, door, and flooring company to please everyone… which is why we at The Men With Tools are for the value-driven homeowner.

The truth is that we do have the best of the best products—but without the highest prices. Here how it works…

We aren’t the cheapest. In fact, the #1 reason we lose out on jobs is because of price. But that’s okay. We’re not interested in doing business with folks looking for a quick, cheap fix. And—once they discover we’re not one of those “$189 window” guys—they’re not interested in doing business with us. So it all works out.

On the other hand, we don’t charge absurd prices or try to squeeze every last penny out of you. I run a tight ship and am ruthless about cutting overhead. There is ZERO waste and excess at The Men With Tools, so we don’t need outrageous markup to pay our bills. As a result, our prices typically are NOT the highest.

This means we provide you with THE best value for your money—period. You can find cheaper quotes than ours. You can also find much, much higher quotes than ours. But when it comes to bang for your buck? No one beats us.

Bottom line: We’re not the right window and door contractor for every Staten Island and New Jersey homeowner, and we don’t try to be. But if QUALITY is top priority, we’re the perfect contractor for YOU.

If that appeals to you, get in touch. The truth is that there are a ton of choices for replacement windows and exterior doors in Staten Island and New Jersey. By handpicking every product in The Men With Tools catalog, we’ve made the selection process easy for folks who want the best of the best at fair prices.

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