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Replacement Window Installations 

Before new windows are installed in your home, the planning must start well in advance. Window selection, purchase, and scheduling your installation are all essential early steps in ensuring your windows are properly sized and arrive on schedule.

The Men With Tools specializes in the installation of new windows for both new construction and replacement projects. Whether you need a complete set of new vinyl windows or just a single custom window, our skilled team of installers will ensure your new windows look and perform as intended.

Professional Window Installation

Did you know that professional installation is just as important as the quality of the replacement window that you purchase? A poorly installed window will leak water and air almost immediately if the right procedures aren’t taken, voiding the window manufacturer’s warranty.

There’s so much information it’s confusing

Chances are that if you’ve been doing any type of research about replacement window installation you’re probably a bit confused by the terms “new construction” “full frame” and “pocket/insert replacement”. Let me shed some light on these 3 installation methods.

  1. New Construction: This method is designed to be installed with a flange on top of the sheeting/plywood of your home’s exterior. The new construction method is usually accomplished before the exterior siding is in place, making it the common installation method on all new homes.
  2. Full Frame Replacement: This method is done in an existing window opening. It’s typical to remove the original window, flanges, frames and moldings before building a new frame and installing the new window with new moldings.
  3. Pocket/ Insert Replacement: This method is done typically in older homes with original wood frames and sashes. The existing interior stop moldings and wood sashes are removed, and a new window is inserted into the existing wood frame/pocket.

Window Installation Experience and Quality Varies

Ask a dozen installers how they install a window and chances are you’ll get as many answers. With mounting expenses and labor costs, many installers are looking to cut costs by skipping many important steps to ensure a successful window installation.

Proper measurements: Without the right measurements a window can be ordered too small or big for the opening, creating problems during and after your installation.

Shims: A reputable window installer will shim your windows to make sure they are square and plumb. If a window is not installed square you will experience an array of problems like difficult locking mechanisms, sashes that are hard to open or close, sashes that fall down, windows that leak water or let in cold air.

Proper insulation: Did you know that many installers are still using rolled insulation these days when modern spray foams seal much better and offer impermeable water protection? Why would you hire a window installer that uses inferior installation materials?

Proper sealants: Look around the internet and you’ll see one of the most common installation issues are the use of cheap sealants. Many installers cut this corner to reduce their expenses leaving you with windows that will leak a short time later.

A 30 year exterior grade sealant should be used on all window installations. Ask your contractor what brand they use.

Cheap Aluminum Capping: Have you seen bent, damaged and dented aluminum trim around the exterior of windows in your neighborhood? Just like sealants, other contractors purchase cheap thin gauge aluminum coil to cut costs. Make sure your contractor is using a heavy duty vinyl coated PVC coil before hiring them.

Hired help: Most important is the actual people installing your windows. What is the skill level of the mechanics that will be working on your home? How complex is your installation? An average window installer should have 5+ years experience and a master window mechanic will have 10+ years.

Many companies hire kids with less than 3 years experience to keep their costs low, affecting the quality of their installations. Ask your window installer how many years experience do their mechanics have.

Window Installation Services:

Why Choose The Men With Tools For Window Installation?

By choosing The Men With Tools to install your new windows, you’re partnering with professional craftsman with years of experience in the field.  We’ll make sure your new windows are installed properly, securely and to the manufacturer’s specifications so you have the peace of mind of a factory warranty.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to replace or install new windows in your home or building give us a call 347-815-4151 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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The Men With Tools is known throughout Staten Island and Central New Jersey for providing home upgrades that exceed our customers’ expectations. From the consultation process through the installation, we’re committed to upholding the highest standards of quality service and craftsmanship. Watch our videos below and hear for yourself what our customers have to say.

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