Have What It Takes To Be One of The Men or Women With Tools?

We Pay the Highest Wages of any Window & Door Company In the Area.

But We Also Demand Utmost Excellence, Integrity and Ambition From Our Installers.

Let’s get right down to business by asking you a few questions about yourself. And don’t worry – there’s no such thing as a wrong answer – we’re still getting acquainted, after all.

  • Are you an experienced window or door installer who wants top dollar for your talents?
  • Are you a “greenhorn” with little to no installation experience looking to break into the industry… and get paid a great wage while learning the craft?
  • Do you want to work for a company that offers ample room for growth and will ensure you a career path to a successful, secure future?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could be the perfect fit for The Men With Tools team.

We’re an independent company that has experienced explosive growth since we opened in 2013. Because of our penchant for quality, our services are in high demand. As such, we’re looking for smart, ambitious, passionate people for our growing installation team.

Why Work For The Men With Tools

  • Higher Wages: We pay our installers 33-50% more than the industry average.
  • Tons of Opportunity: Our business structure allows our installers to master skills quickly and advance in the company at a fast rate.We offer more than a job—we offer a career.
  • Big $$ Bonus Programs: We regularly pay our installers BIG bonuses for meeting certain goals and thresholds.
  • Paid Vacation & Sick Days: You get ample vacation and sick time that increases the longer you work here.
  • Consistent Work: We’re a busy company, so we keep you busy (and therefore paid!). At The Men With Tools, it’s 100% feast, 0% famine.
  • Jobs For All Skill Levels: Don’t have installation experience? Our “Pupils With Tools” apprenticeship program teaches you the art of installation while paying a starting wage of $20 an hour.
  • RESPECT: At the end of the day, it comes down to feeling good about the work you do. When you’re an installer at The Men With Tools, you’ll be in a work environment that appreciates your labor and treats you with respect.

Installers in the Spotlight


“This is a first class company that pays me well and treats me with the respect that I deserve. I wouldn’t work anywhere else.”

– John Smith, Installer for 5 years

“The work environment is fun and exciting. I enjoy working as part of the The Men With Tools team and making our customers happy.”

– Sam Bradley, Installer for 3 years

Only The Best Of The Best Need Apply

We pay more because we expect more.

You have to have passion, integrity, and ability. You have to show up to work every day ready to give it your all. You have to be the kind of person who isn’t just up for a challenge, but revels in it. Otherwise, we’re not the company for you.

What We Require From You:

  • Reliable transportation and driver’s license (you’ll be compensated for vehicle and fuel usage)
  • Ability to work independently
  • A strict adherence to punctuality
  • Strong communication skills
  • The flexibility to work Monday-Saturday full time (weekends are optional)
  • A clean-cut, professional image
  • Maintain a high level of quality and understand that you are responsible to ensure everything is done right

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NEW YORK Location


  • The Men With Tools is an equal opportunity employer.
  • The Men With Tools is a drug-free workplace.

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