We Perform A Free One-Year Anniversary Inspection To Make Sure Everything Is Still 100% Perfect.


Maybe I have OCD. Or maybe I just have really, really good vision. Either way, I instantly spotted the chip in the glass when I looked at the window.

The customer had looked out that window every day for a full year and never noticed it. That was understandable—the chip was in the bottom-left corner of the window, so it wasn’t that easy to spot.

Image of the window chip.

When I told the customer about the chip, he was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe he never saw it. That’s when I said, “And you never WILL see it—because I’m going to fix it.”

The truth is that I have no idea how the chip got there. It could have been a manufacturer defect. It could have been a stray rock from a lawnmower. It could have been anything.

But it didn’t matter WHAT it was. The only thing that mattered to me was that it was THERE. I ordered a brand-new sash with new glass. Two weeks later, it arrived and I installed it for the customer at no charge.

This kind of incident is why I personally perform a free One-Year Anniversary inspection on ALL my customers’ projects.

Sometimes it takes a highly experienced and trained eye to detect problems. I’ve found this is especially true about a year after a project is completed. Some problems don’t show up right after installation. After one year, though, enough time has elapsed to determine whether potential issues could be developing.

The truth is that our hyper-strict installation processes produce a perfect result 99.999% of the time. But I’m not the kind of Staten Island/New Jersey contractor to take ANY chances with my customers’ projects. It’s that simple.

But taking zero chances is only half the reason I do the One-Year Anniversary Inspection. The other half? Well, let’s go back to the customer with the chipped window glass. If he caused the chip, I feel it’s only right to give him a “do over.”

A year-old home-improvement project is still basically brand new. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying thousands of dollars only to goof up and scratch/dent/chip/whatever your beautiful windows or doors shortly after. It would be like buying a new car and hitting a phone pole pulling out of the dealership. You’d kick yourself and feel terrible. Our One-Year Anniversary Inspection gives you peace of mind that if you make that kind of mistake, you don’t have to fret about paying to fix it. This is just one more reason we call ourselves Staten Island and New Jersey’s worry-proof remodeling company.

Here’s how our One-Year Anniversary Inspection works:

⦁ After we’ve installed your project, we store your project info and completion date in our database.
⦁ Our program alerts us a week before your project’s one-year anniversary.
⦁ We call or email you to see if you’d like me to come out and inspect your project for any issues (it’s free!).
⦁ If I find something wrong—little, large, or anywhere in between—I fix it and cover all costs.

Bottom line: I like to stay connected with my customers and know they’re satisfied with their project WELL after installation.

The One-Year Anniversary Inspection is completely optional. A little over half our customers choose to do it. But even the ones who don’t opt for it still LOVE that we reached out to them.

Choose The Men With Tools, and you won’t have to worry about us going “witness protection” on you after we collect the check. The end of the project is just the beginning of the RELATIONSHIP. And “celebrating” your project turning a year old with a free inspection is just one way we stay connected once the job is done.

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