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Popular In Kitchens & Bathrooms. Awning Windows Offer Great Ventilation

You may not know them by name, but you have seen awning windows before: they are hinged windows that open up and outward, appearing like a small glass awning when opened. With an awning window the air can flow “up” into your building while at the same time keeping out rain and snow, allowing you to get airflow without letting in the elements.

Awning windows were a popular choice before air conditioning became commonplace, and though they fell by the wayside for some years, they are making a comeback thanks to their aesthetic appeal and ability to improve airflow in a building.

If you’re considering awning windows, you’ve come to the right place. The Men With Tools specializes in them. We also go the extra mile where other contractors do not, using OSI Quad sealant (when others use low-cost sealant), high quality insulation (when others sometimes skip it entirely), top shelf aluminum capping, and more.

Awning Windows Allow Airflow

Awning windows allow you to control airflow into your home during almost any type of weather thanks to their upwards swinging design. There can be a huge downpour outside and you can still have your windows open if you use awning windows. This is great for people who like an open air feel in their home.

Awning Windows Look And Feel Great

If you enjoy having an “open air” feel in your home, awning windows are a great way to accomplish that. Whether living near the water or near a park, or for overlooking your backyard, awning windows can help connect the indoors and out in a way that isn’t possible with many other window types.

Why Choose The Men With Tools For Awning Windows?

You don’t want to entrust your awning window installation to just anyone. A poorly done job could result in an improper seal, which can allow drafts and water to enter your home. It may even void your warranty.

By hiring The Men With Tools to install your new awning windows, you’ll be working with professional craftsman who boast years of experience in the field.  We’ll ensure your awning windows are installed properly, securely and to the manufacturer’s specifications so you have the peace of mind of a factory warranty.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to replace or install awning windows in your home, give us a call 347-815-4151 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

- Top Window Brands -


We only work with top brands like Andersen Windows for a vital reason: we believe that quality is the most important promise we can make to you. Founded in 1903, Andersen Windows continues to be a great choice for many homeowners.

Pella has been one of the nation’s leading window manufacturers since the 1920s. Their windows are made of the best materials, are available in every style and color imaginable, and are proven to withstand the test of time.

Few window manufacturers are as well-respected as Soft-Lite Windows. Cutting edge window technology, a vast array of excellent product lines to suit every need, and peerless warranties make the Soft-Lite name a name you can trust.

It’s easy to find Sunrise Windows that fit your needs and budget. They offer the incredibly affordable yet high-performing ‘Essentials’ line, the exceptional ‘Sunrise Windows’ flagship line, and the innovative and advanced ‘Restorations’ line.

ThermaLast Windows are exclusive to The Men With Tools. We’re proud to offer the world’s most energy efficient windows with the highest UI and SHGC numbers on the market. Factor in our lifetime warranty for an unbeatable value!

There’s just something special about real wood. Wood replacement windows offer a classic look that can’t be achieved with other materials. Wood windows can be customized to match or compliment your home’s floors, trim, or furniture.

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