10 Common Reasons Why Windows Break: Decoding the Mystery

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A broken window in a house


Windows are the unsung heroes of our homes. They bring in natural light, let us catch a glimpse of the outside world, and help keep our spaces well-ventilated. But, sometimes, they can find themselves in a tough spot, leading to unexpected damage. We’re going to explain why windows break and take a closer look at the ten most common reasons behind those sudden cracks and fractures. Ready to explore? Let’s get started!


10 Reasons Why Windows Break:

  1. Impact from Objects: Whether it’s a stray baseball, a falling branch, or a kicked-up rock, windows can break when something hits the glass with force. Lucky for you, we created our Worry-Free Guarantee for this very reason! Once we install your windows, we cover them with a full warranty for life. Our team will come to fix them whether it’s ten days or ten years later, even if you break them yourself by accident. Life happens, but with The Men With Tools, you’re always covered.
  2. Extreme Temperatures: Drastic temperature changes can cause stress on the glass, leading to bowing, sagging, and cracks. Rapid temperature shifts, like hot sunlight followed by cold rain, are common culprits. If you live in an area exposed to the extreme weather of all four seasons, you should install energy-efficient windows to avoid this. Our ThermaLast windows can withstand the highs of summer and the lows of winter, all without succumbing to the pressure of constant change.
  3. Structural Settling: As a house settles over time, the shifting can create pressure on windows, leading to cracks and fractures. This problem is most common with DIY installations, especially if you put cheap windows in your home. Often, the money you think you’re saving will come back to bite you later.
  4. Improper Installation: Incorrect installation techniques can weaken the structural integrity of windows, making them more prone to breakage. We created our exclusive ThermalBreak installation process with this in mind. When you choose our window installation services, we consider every detail. Our team measures and inspects to ensure a perfect fit, reinforcing your windows to prevent them from bending or falling out. We even provide weatherproofing to protect you from water damage, structural issues, and mold.
  5. Poor Maintenance: Neglecting routine maintenance can allow moisture, debris, and wear to weaken the glass and frame, eventually leading to breakage. But who has time for constant cleaning and repairs? When you choose Windows & Doors By The Men With Tools, you get premium, luxury vinyl windows that last for up to 50 years. The best part? They’re virtually maintenance-free!
  6. Vibrations: Vibrations from nearby construction, heavy traffic, or even earthquakes can stress the glass and cause it to shatter. When your windows are installed properly, it reduces these risk factors significantly. Plus, proper seals and support can help minimize the outside noise infiltrating your home, softening these vibrations and giving you some much-deserved peace.
  7. Defective Glass: Sometimes, windows break due to manufacturing defects in the glass itself, such as impurities or inconsistencies. Many window manufacturers do not include glass and parts in their warranties despite knowing this to be an issue. But The Men With Tools covers it all! We’ll even visit you on the year anniversary of your window replacement to ensure everything is still going smoothly.
  8. Pressure Differences: In severe storms or when winds are heavy, pressure differences between the inside and outside of the home are another reason your windows break. You need to install durable, well-insulated windows to withstand the stress that extreme weather can put on your windows. That’s why we use top-quality virgin vinyl reinforced with the best foam core insulation on the market. Our window panes comprise glass with low-E coatings for comprehensive protection, and we always use the highest-grade silicone seals to stop any air or water leakage that may contribute to these pressure differences. 
  9. Age and Wear: Over time, windows can weaken due to wear and tear. Aging materials may become brittle, making the glass more susceptible to breakage. We designed our windows to last as long as you plan to live in your home. With proper treatment, wear and tear should never be an issue. But, in the unlikely event your windows break, we’re here to help you recover!
  10. Improper Use: Slamming windows shut or using excessive force when opening them can cause stress on the glass and frame, resulting in cracks or shattering. It also contributes to mechanical failures, such as your windows getting stuck in place and becoming difficult to open or close. Operational problems can also go the other way. Your windows may fall out of place and slam shut unexpectedly, leading to injury. Treat your windows well, and they’ll be good to you in return!

What To Do If Your Windows Break


Understanding the myriad reasons why windows break is essential for homeowners seeking to prevent damage and prolong the life of their windows. While some factors, like impact from objects or extreme temperatures, might be out of our control, proper maintenance, careful installation, and mindful use can go a long way in safeguarding your windows from unexpected fractures. Regular inspections and attention to these potential causes can help you enjoy your windows’ benefits while minimizing the risks of breakage.


If you’re struggling with broken windows, you may be better off replacing them instead of trying to repair them. While quick fixes can save you money in the short term, they may not solve all your window woes. In a few weeks, you may be dealing with the same thing all over again, spending more and more money over time than you would have spent on the replacement. 


For help deciding what’s best for your budget, reach out to us! Our design experts are happy to measure, inspect, and provide solutions free of charge. Schedule your free consultation today.