New Jersey Replacement Window Company

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new jersey replacement window company
A New Jersey suburb

New Jersey Replacement Window Company

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in New Jersey, look no further than Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools.

When it comes to replacing windows for your home improvement project, or new windows for that newly constructed home, Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools leads the way in New Jersey.

We are a full-service window contractor licensed to operate in New Jersey; serving Central & Northern NJ for years now. A few of the counties we operate in include Somerset, Morris, Bergen, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, and several other counties.

Our focus rests solely on providing worry-proof replacement windows for our cherished NJ clients. And over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading replacement window company in the Garden State.

“Why?” you ask.

Here are 5 reasons :

5 Factors To Consider When Shopping For Replacement Windows

1. Lifetime Warranty

Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools is the only window company in NJ which provides lifetime warranty on its revolutionary ThermaLast®️ window. ThermaLast®️ is the most energy-efficient, double-pane window in the industry that is oops-proof FOR LIFE.


No matter what kind of accident happens to any ThermaLast®️ window, Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools will replace the window FOR FREE.


We never cut corners or use inferior materials for both our ThermaLast®️ windows, and our top-class installation.


And this is why our word is our bond. And if that’s not enough, you can look at the fine print.

2. Superior Energy Efficiency

There are three ways in which your windows lose energy.


a. Through the glass

b. Through the frames

c. Through air infiltration/drafts


Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools addresses these three issues with its:


a. Revolutionary double-pane, energy-efficient ThermaLast®️ glass

b. Multi-chambered and insulated window frames

c. Airtight construction


Regarding the glass in a window, it makes up 80% of the window. Yet, many window companies put in just any energy-saving glass which is simply not up to par.


Not so with us!


Also, our frames have an airtight insulation that is comparable to the airtight insulation within your fridge’s door. Very impressive; isn’t it? Imagine all the drafts your windows keep letting in. Now imagine all those drafts eliminated with ThermaLast®️’s airtight construction!

Your summers stay cool, and your winters stay warm.

3. Finely Crafted Detail and Design

Custom-built replacement windows are a worthwhile investment. They increase your home’s value, as well as its curb appeal. This means that it is key to consider the aesthetic qualities of your replacement windows. From the frame to the sash, to the hardware and finish, Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools provides a wide array of customizable windows for its valued clients. 


You can choose between vinyl replacement windows or wood replacement windows. There are many styles to suit every customer, including casement windows, bow windows, bay windows, double-hung windows, slider windows and many others.

Finally, our ThermaLast®️ glass carries Solar Clean™️ self-cleaning technology which maintains the quality and look of your window’s glass for life.

4. Factory-Certified Installation

High quality windows deserve only the best handling and care, don’t they? 


We agree!


That’s why Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools provides a 63-point installation service for each and every purchase of a ThermaLast®️ window.


For example:

STEP #32: We replace water-damaged or termite-damaged wood in door openings and jambs before installation (at no charge to client)


We hire ONLY top-class technicians and installers to process this detailed installation process. And that’s more the reason why every ThermaLast®️ window is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty here at Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools.


5. Price

Contrary to what companies and others will have you believe, you shouldn’t have to pay through your nose in order to afford high quality and elegant windows. 


Don’t fall prey to aggressive marketing tactics that some window contractors employ. You don’t have to call the police to remove a sales guy who won’t take no for an answer from your home. Replacing your windows SHOULD NOT become a hassle.


Home Exteriors By The Men With Tools boasts the most energy efficient, double pane window in the industry at some of the most competitive prices in the market. 


We have excellent working relationships with our suppliers, and that allows us to offer competitive pricing on every job, and our suppliers are always with best window manufacturers in the country. That’s the best of both worlds!


Our financing options and seasonal promotions provide options to our dear clients—giving them peace of mind.

Easy, simple, worry-proof.

Energy Savings Rebate!

Save $4,050
On a Whole House
Of Windows
Cut your Energy Bills up to 50% this fall and winter with our  revolutionary THERMALAST®️ windows!


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