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Never underestimate just how much a great new set of windows installed by a NJ window company can transform your home. From its look to its market value, energy efficiency and more, installing new windows can make a huge difference.

Whether you have an older home that needs new windows or want windows for new construction, The Men With Tools can help. We are a full-service window contractor licensed to operate in New Jersey and Staten Island. Our focus is on quality, working only with top brands.

When Shopping For Replacement Windows, Take These Factors Into Consideration

Replacement Window Quality

High quality work starts with high quality materials, and that’s what you get with The Men With Tools. We work with the best reviewed and most respected window brands in the country and ONLY with the top brands. Here, you’ll always get products from the top wood, vinyl, and energy efficient window manufacturers. We don’t install low-quality windows, period. End of story. Our customers want excellent windows that will stand the test of time, and we believe they deserve exactly that.

Warranties on Replacement Window That Really Protect You

We all want peace of mind when it comes to our home, especially when you hire a NJ window company. That’s why The Men With Tools uses only highly respected window manufacturers. Those manufacturers provide customers the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, and since that’s good for our customers, that means it’s good for us too. Even better: The warranties are simple to understand and don’t exploit you in the fine print!

Top Installation Quality

Installing high quality windows in your home is great, but if improperly installed you’ll just be throwing your money away. Ensuring your windows work at their peak efficiency means installing them right, and that means hiring the right window contractor. Thankfully for you, The Men With Tools are certified installers. It’s how we maintain a high level of respect and quality – and we aim to meet or exceed those expectations on every job we do. That means a top installation quality for your new windows!.

Standing By Our Work With A Lifetime Labor Warranty

When window contractors try to save themselves money by cutting corners, such as not shimming behind windows and doors, using low-quality insulation (or even no insulation at all), or trusting low-quality sealants, they are doing you a disservice. That’s not right. The Men With Tools utilize high quality spray foam insulation on all our jobs. We work with an OSI Quad exterior sealant that is made to last; in fact, it is guaranteed for 30 years! Our aluminum coil is the heaviest gauge coil on the market. And we hire experienced, talented staff.

That’s why we stand behind our work with a lifetime labor warranty. We are a NJ window company first and foremost. Windows and doors are our specialty. Our replacement window experts install thousands of windows in New Jersey every year, always meeting or exceeding manufacturers’ specifications so we know the job is done right. We’re confident in our work, too. You won’t find other contractors in New York and New Jersey who offer a lifetime labor warranty. Other companies give you 1-2 years standard. That speaks volumes!

Pricing Matters

Nobody makes a big investment in their home without checking their budget first. With hundreds of contractors in New Jersey, you can probably get a hundred different quotes – and they won’t stand behind their work with lifetime labor warranties, either! The Men With Tools always has the same goal: to give you both great quality work and a great price. We have excellent working relationships with our suppliers, and that allows us to offer competitive pricing on every job, and our suppliers are always with best window manufacturers in the country. That’s the best of both worlds!

Old vs. New Vinyl Replacement Windows

The technology behind windows is nothing like it used to be. The vinyl windows that used to be installed back in the ‘70s, ‘80s and even in the 1990s just don’t stand up when compared to modern vinyl replacement windows. They boast state-of-the-art features such as foam filled frames and sashes, low-E coatings, argon gas, and more, all of which enhance their energy efficiency. That can save you big bucks in the long term!

Just as essential is that even the entry-level enhancements that come with modern vinyl windows weren’t standard a mere 20 years ago, which means whatever you choose will be an upgrade. Simply put, today’s window technology is a HUGE leap forward from yesteryear, and that will help put money back in your wallet through lower energy bills!

Replacement Windows Are A Good Investment

Getting a new set of windows installed by a NJ window company does more than just improve the look of your house. They are also a good investment, too, one that can lower your bills and increase the market value of your office or home. Modern windows are far superior to the windows of years gone by. The result is a warmer winter home, a cooler summer home, and a happier, more efficient HVAC system.

Indeed, replacement windows make for a great investment. They can help increase the value of your home, and because modern windows are designed to last for years, investing in them is an investment that will last!

Enhance Any Home With Wood Replacement Windows

Don’t underestimate how much wood replacement windows will improve the look and appeal of your home! Top manufacturers like Andersen make a wide selection of designs, colors, and styles. No matter your home’s look, we can find something to match it. The end result will be beautiful. Talk to one of our experts and learn what your options are!

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