I’ve Acclimated My Wood Floors For A Week, Now What?


Before any successful wood flooring installation there are a few necessary steps everyone should take to assure that your floor will hold up for years to come. Look around the internet; it’s littered with unhappy customers that have experienced floor failure. Unfortunately many so called professionals skip moisture testing without proper acclimation.

Ask most people about proper acclimation in the flooring department at your local big box store and they’ll give you the standard answer. “Let the boards sit for a week and open the ends of each box”. Are they right? Do all floors acclimate the same way? Do all homes have the same moisture and humidity conditions?

Common sense would tell you no, but unfortunately most people in this business don’t understand that the “one week acclimation time” is just a recommendation by the NWFA. Look into their installation guidelines and you’ll find very specific details on proper RH and moisture readings during acclimation and installation.

Another reason could be that the proper equipment is very expensive and many diy’ers and professionals alike refuse to invest the $1,000.00 or more in testing equipment to protect themselves and their customers.

Now that you’ve been warned let me explain to you why it’s important. Wood, Laminate, Engineered, Bamboo, and Subfloors react to changes in relative humidity. Simply put, when it’s hot and humid in the summer floors will expand if left in these conditions and contract during the dry winter months. Unfortunately many flooring retailers and distributors leave products in their warehouse without keeping them stored in a balanced environment. This leads to dimensional instability, and changes in appearance and width.

Simply put, sometimes acclimating for 5-7 days is not enough. Without the proper moisture testing equipment a flooring installer is guessing and runs the risk of installing a floor that is not ready, which can lead to wasted money and problems. In order to protect your investment, make sure that whoever is installing your floor has the right moisture testing equipment on hand.

With The Men With Tools you are guaranteed a professional installation, using the proper equipment, and documenting all necessary readings. We believe that your flooring investment should last for years when the right precautions are taken.

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