Making sense of your flooring options

Selecting Material For Your New Floors Can Be A Confusing And Almost Overwhelming Process.

Let’s talk about a few of the differences between these options so that it doesn’t have to be.


Solid Hardwood – Milled from a variety of tree species, solid hardwoods offer a diverse selection aesthetically, as well as adding value and longevity to your home investment. Pre-finished flooring comes in an assortment of stains or a protective clear coat allowing Mother Nature’s hard work to take center stage. Unfinished hardwood is also an option giving you the freedom to hand select the coloration and better match pre-existing floors or décor. This process requires a little more time and investment but is well worth it, as most labors of love are.

Another very important advantage of selecting a solid hardwood over other types of flooring is the opportunity to have them refinished over their life span. The Refinishing and Screening processes breathe life back into these beautiful floors, keeping them as gorgeous as they were on the day they were laid down.

Engineered Hardwood – The beauty of nature combined with the progress of science. Engineered flooring is a real solid hardwood veneer applied to a medium density fiberboard or multi-layered plywood core. These highly stable cores compensate for the natural expansion and contraction due to changing moisture levels, meaning that you’re still getting the beauty and character of a solid hardwood floor combined with the structural integrity needed for installations below grade, over concrete slab, or in areas where humidity and temperatures fluctuate drastically.

Bamboo Flooring – Bamboo has been gaining popularity as a flooring option for many years now. For some the attraction is rooted in its durability, with strand bamboo rating as up to twice as strong as many common hardwoods used in flooring installations. For others it’s the eco-friendly nature of this sustainable resource. 

Bamboo is typically harvested after five to six years of maturing and requires no replanting, it grows back from the same root structure, where as most trees need 20 to 120 years to reach maturity and must be replanted due to the harvesting process completely killing the tree. This makes bamboo a green alternative for those interested in improving the looks of their home but craving all the benefits and beauty of hardwood.

Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring can be a cost effective way to improve the looks and character of a room. They consist of a High-Definition image applied to a high density fiber board and treated with a scratch resistant coating resulting in a floor with all the beauty of natural wood and a level of stain, scratch, and wear resistance only found with laminates.

This makes them ideal in high traffic and high moisture areas. Many models come textured or even hand scraped making them as easy to mistake for hardwood as they are to maintain and install.

Cork Flooring – Another eco-friendly option in flooring is cork. While not as durable as other materials, cork provides a very unique look and offers some interesting advantages. Its shock absorbent nature makes it a great choice for areas of the home where you spend a lot of time on your feet such as a home gym or kitchen, and aids in the insulation of sound and heat.

Cork also has the ability to be stained or dyed almost any color, giving your inner interior designer a chance to spread its wings and really shine.

Hopefully your options seem a little more clear now. For more information give us a call (347) 815-4151

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