Wood Floor Solutions for Property Management

Property management wood flooring solutions

In property management, the continuous process of maintaining and upgrading your property is crucial and needs to be fluid. Downtime during or between a tenants occupation can be a stressful detriment to your business. Identifying the services that best suit your needs can make the endless stream of projects seem less daunting and more manageable. The Men With Tools offers a wide range of services for our property management clientele including maintenance packages, repairs and our One Day Coat and Cure refinishing system. These options allow you to keep your properties looking beautiful and new for a long time to come.

Maintenance packages can be a time and cost effective means of upkeep. If the flooring only suffers from surface scratching, and the wood itself has not been gouged or dented, a screen and coat is perfect for bringing it back to life. By screening the top layer of finish off of existing hardwood flooring and applying a fresh coat, you can breathe fresh life into a property without the hassle and price of installing new flooring or the mess of a full refinish. Using our Coat and Cure finish can have it ready to be occupied immediately. In property management this translates to faster turnaround between tenants and less downtime in common areas such as lobbies or dining rooms.

If the hardwood flooring has been scratched or dinged beyond what a screen and coat can fix, a full sand and refinish is necessary.  By sanding down to the bare wood, you can bring out a fresh clean surface to be finished. You can also stain the flooring during this process, allowing you to change the look or cover up imperfections caused by negligent tenants such as pet stains. Again, using our Coat and Cure finish can have it ready to be occupied immediately. This is another great option for reviving existing hardwood flooring and making your property exponentially more attractive.

Another option when upgrading your space is to install brand new flooring. Available in near limitless variations of color, texture, and plank width; this is a perfect option for upgrading your property. Starting with fresh flooring and properly maintaining them can lead to a lifetime of beautiful floors in your space depending on which material you have installed. Between solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, laminate, and vinyl  there are plenty of materials to choose from; each with their own level of durability and stability.

After deciding which material would be best for you, our highly experienced craftsmen can complete the project. 18 years of experience has taught us the importance of completing projects on time and within budget making The Men With Tools a valuable partner for any property management agency.

The condition of the flooring can be an important detail for a person deciding to move into a space. Upgrades and upkeep can be an easy way of making sure your property has the necessary “wow factor” needed to attract the best tenants. There’s no need to let worn out floors prevent you from sealing the deal with such amazing maintenance and refinishing options just a phone call away (347) 815-4151.

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