Wood Flooring Contractor on Staten Island, New York

Wood flooring contractor in Staten Island

Wood flooring contractor on Staten Island

We can install or refinish the wood flooring in your home

Are you building a new home and trying to decide on the right flooring? Weighing the pros and cons of hardwood, laminate or engineered floors? Maybe you are remodeling and you're looking at replacing your existing flooring? Or you'd just like to restore your existing flooring back to its original appearance?

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling is a hardwood flooring contractor serving Staten Island. We specialize in the installation of new wood floors as well as the UV refinishing of existing flooring in both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you need 1,500 square feet of oak installed or you'd like to refinish the old oak hardwood floors in your home or commercial building, the Men With Tools will be able to help you.

Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a wood flooring contractor:

Flooring Quality

Product quality is never an issue with us. We deal exclusively with the top brands in the industry. You’ll only get wood flooring from manufacturers that we trust, with the look and durability our discerning customers want.

Installation Quality

The best flooring in the world is all but worthless if it is improperly installed by fly-by-night contractors. That’s why The Men With Tools strives to work only to the highest industry standards. Your peace of mind is our number one goal.

Fair Pricing

We know your budget matters. You can get flooring from many suppliers serving the area, and you’ll get varied quotes from them all. At the Men With Tools, we deal with select manufacturers and maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers so we can offer the most competitive pricing on the wood flooring we carry.

Wood Flooring Contractor Services on Staten Island

New Flooring Installations on Staten Island

Oak hardwood? Bamboo hardwood? Laminate? Whatever kind of flooring you’re leaning towards, no matter the color, style or materials you prefer, we have a floor to suit your needs.

But more important than the flooring we carry is the quality of our installation staff. Any contractor can carry top brand flooring, after all. What sets The Men With Tools apart is the high level of service we provide. There are literally hundreds of companies in our area that install flooring but very few of them provide the level of craftsmanship and service you'll receive from The Men With Tools. Our flooring installation teams are experienced working with all types of flooring materials, and our strict attention to detail means you’ll feel great about the work we do for you.

UV Floor Refinishing Services on Staten Island

Flooring takes more abuse than any other part of your home. From pets to weather to all that foot traffic, spills and more, it can take a beating. But your gorgeous floors don’t have to look old before their time. The Men With Tools specializes in UV wood floor refinishing.

Refinishing your floor will protect it from damage for years and have it looking just as shiny as the day it was installed. We can refinish almost any type of flooring in both residential or commercial settings.  Hardwood floor refinishing and engineered floor refinishing are some of our most popular services, but using the UV system we can also refinish some laminate flooring, and even vinyl flooring.

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