Window Condensation & What To Do About It

WINDOW-CONDENSATIONEvery winter homeowners become interested in the subject. Usually doing research because they're experiencing a condensation problem.

It may sound odd but this growing problem is caused by progress. Chances are, if you're having this problem, it's because you live in a tight modern home, which you can heat for a fraction of the cost compared to the homes your parents lived in. Your problems may also be caused by widespread use of several labor saving appliances in your home.

In this article, we'll discuss the condensation problems associated with "tight modern homes". We'll offer suggestions for curing these problems and provide suggestions for those planning to build a new home.

The basic principles of reducing condensation is really simple.

When you see excess condensation on your windows that means that the relative humidity is too high inside your home. You should take the following steps to reduce the humidity until the condensation disappears.

  1. Replace old worn out windows with double or triple insulated glass.
  2. Make sure the louvers in your attic or crawlspace are open and that they are large enough.
  3. Run your kitchen and bathroom fans longer and more often than normal.
  4. Open your windows for 15-30 minutes atleast once per week.
  5. Shutoff your furnace humidifier or other humidifier devices in your home.
  6. Open your fireplace Damper to allow easier escape of the humidity.
  7. Purchase a dehumidifier large enough for your home or space.

If the above options don't work. The problem should be looked at by a heating contractor. He may suggest an outside air intake for your furnace; venting of gas burning heaters and appliances; or installation of ventilating fans. These inexpensive options will be less expensive than a paint job or plaster work caused by excess condensation causing staining.

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling can help by performing a relative humidity test and help identify what needs to be corrected. Give us a call to setup an appointment today or fill out the contact form above. (347) 815-4151

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