Vinyl Composition Tile Floor Refinishing

VCT Floor Restoration and RefinishingVinyl composition tile flooring is one of the most commonly used flooring materials across North America.  Replaced in thousands upon thousands of homes every year because after many years of use the coating on the wear layer of the flooring eventually breaks down and the flooring begins to look dull, faded and worn out.

What many people don't realize is that VCT flooring can actually be restored and refinished to a like new condition. The Men With Tools Home Remodeling is a full service floor refinishing contractor that specializes in refinishing and restoring VCT vinyl composition tile floors using specialized finishes with a UV coating process.

The beauty of our unique refinishing process is that we can refinish and restore the beauty to your VCT floor in just one day.

Thanks to the special finishes we use along with their UV curing process we can finish your floors in just one day so they are ready for you to use right away.  Installing new VCT flooring oftens takes longer than a day as the old flooring material must be removed first and it's more expensive purchasing a new floor and paying for the installation.  Something the refinishing process totally avoids yet you still get a beautiful looking floor.

VCT Vinyl Tile Floor Restoration and Refinishing

  • UC Cured VCT Floor Refinishing
  • Protect and Restore Original Appearance
  • Low or NO VOC Finishes
  • Done In Just One Day

Before you consider replacing your VCT vinyl composition tile flooring in your home give us a call today and see if your VCT floor is a candidate for the refinishing process.