The UV Floor Refinishing Difference

Whats the difference between UV finishes vs traditional floor finishes? UV dries instantly with no toxic odors and outlasts the best traditional finishes on the market

UV Hardwood Floor Refinishing vs. Traditional Floor Refinishing Companies

People ask us all the time, “What’s so special about UV floor finishes?” Make no mistake, we are not your grandfather’s hardwood floor refinishing company! The truth is, there are many differences between us and your typical floor refinishers.

Difference #1: Cutting edge technology

Let’s be honest, most of the flooring industry is a little behind on technology. (What else can you expect from an industry that’s hundreds of years old?) At The Men With Tools, we know that developing and perfecting the latest in wood floor refinishing technology is the key to giving you a better finished product, faster, and without the hassles of traditional floor refinishing.


Difference #2: Unprecedented speed

Once upon a time, packing up your family and heading to a costly hotel (or, gasp, in-laws!) was a necessarily evil if you wanted to have your hardwood floors professionally refinished. Not anymore. Our premium ultraviolet-reactive finish dries instantly when we cure it with our UV flash, so not only do you get a gorgeous new wood floor, you also get your house back much faster than ever before.


Difference #3: Added strength and durability

Our wood floor refinishing is two times stronger and resist scratches and other damage better than any other product on the market. That means your new hardwood floors will last longer and look better, giving you even more value and return on your investment.


Difference #4: Proprietary process

Even though we put a high value on the newest technology, the truth is, technology alone isn’t enough. Hardwood floor refinishing is both art and science, and we’ve spent years developing our industry leading approach to performing refinishes to the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Difference #5: Family-safety first philosophy

At The Men With Tools, the health and well being of you and your family always comes first. That’s why we choose only the safest, non-toxic, eco-friendly wood floor refinishing material that won’t damage the environment or leave behind the noxious fumes or inhalable chemicals that are typical of traditional finishes.


Difference #6: Professional results

More important than the previous five reasons is the bottom line: results. Our process, combined with expert attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, produces the most dramatic wood floor transformations you’ll ever see. If you are considering refinishing hardwood floors, check out our gallery located at the bottom of every page.


And that is the UV floor refinishing difference!

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