Storm Door Installations Staten Island New York


We install Storm Doors in Staten Island.

Homeowners have many options when it comes to improving the looks and functionality of your home.  If you are looking for an affordable home improvement that will help improve your curb appeal and add function to your home then look no further than the installation of a Storm Door.

What Is A Storm Door?

A storm door is a second exterior door that is installed onto the outside of your original front door.  They add a nice clean look to your front door and help protect your door and front entry from harsh weather. The storm door operates independently of your original door so you can open them both or one at a time. Storm doors can include glass panels and screens so they can be used to let fresh air flow through your home without having your door wide open.

Protect Your Front Entry Door

A properly installed storm door will create a seal around your door to prevent rain, ice, snow and other weather from finding it's way to your door and causing damage to the main entry of your home.  The storm door can be locked as well too for added security.

Storm Doors Are Energy Efficient

When your storm door is properly installed it will provide an additional pocket of air (insulation) in between your front doors.  The seal your storm door makes (when installed correctly) will prevent any cold drafts from entering under or around your front door.  Storm doors help you keep the heat inside your home.

Storm Doors Are Multipurpose

During the spring and summer when the weather is warmer a storm door will help add ventilation and air flow to your home and also allow in more natural light.  The storm door can be closed to prevent insects and rodents from taking advantage of an open door.

Storm Doors Can Add Security

When one thinks of a storm door they think of one of those flimsy, steel framed storm doors that were common in older homes.  These older doors can easily be torn right off the side of your house or the glass smashed if someone wants to break in.  The Larson storm doors that we sell and install are made with strong high quality frames and impact resistant glass.

Storm Doors Can Be Installed Quickly

No matter what type of home you have or what type of material surrounds your front door.  Whether you have brick, a wood frame, metal or vinyl frame we'll be able to install one of our storm doors for you.

You can see there are many advantages to installing storm doors, and the list goes beyond what is covered in this post. Speak to a door installation expert to see how you could benefit from installing a storm door in your home.


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