Single Hung Window Installations in Staten Island New York

Single Hung Windows in Staten IslandSingle hung windows are a standard window option for new construction in Staten Island New York. You may not be familiar with the term but you certainly know the style of window, because it’s likely you have them in your home right now: With single hung windows, the bottom panel (or sash) moves up and down, while the upper window panel remains stationary.

Single hung windows are a popular option thanks to their cost. Simply put, with fewer features than a double hung window or fancier styles, they are the perfect option for a homeowner with budget on their mind. Just remember that they do have some limitations when compared to other window types.

The Men With Tools sells and installs single hung windows throughout Staten Island New York. We use only the longest lasting insulation, top shelf OSI Quad sealant that lasts for 30 years, high quality aluminum capping, and more, all with the goal of providing you with the highest quality installation possible.

Our Single Hung Windows Are Easy To Clean

A common limitation of single hung windows is that cleaning the outside can be difficult thanks to the stationary upper panel. The good news is that the Soft-Lite Barrington Limited windows we use have a tilting lower sash, or panel, which allows much easier access to the outside of your windows, making them almost as easy to clean as double hung windows.

Why Choose The Men With Tools For Your Single Hung Windows?

You can pick the best looking and most efficient windows in the world, but if you don’t have experienced craftsmen doing the installation, your investment may be going to waste. Improperly installed windows can cause leaks and drafts. They may even void your warranty – and that’s bad news.

There is no better reason to work with The Men With Tools for your window installation. You’ll be working with the top craftsmen in the region.  We’ll ensure your new windows are installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and to the highest industry standards.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to install new single hung windows in your home or building in the Staten Island New York area, call us at 347-815-4151 or fill out our online contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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