Refinishing Parquet Floors – A Simple And Affordable Solution

Parquet Floors Give A Custom Elegant Appearance

Parquet Floors Give A Custom Elegant Appearance

Parquet flooring is a type of manufactured hardwood floor that differs from traditional solid plank flooring, but that enjoys some popularity due to its affordable cost and design flexibility.

Unlike standard wood flooring, which is made of solid planks, a parquet floor is a wood composite created from varied materials and then formed into wooden blocks or tiles. Those tiles are then arranged into patterns, usually contrasting patterns to add interest to a room. They may be stained a variety of colors, too.

Like other wood flooring, parquet floors can be attractive, durable and easy to clean. Factor in how affordable it is when compared to plank hardwood floors and it’s not surprising that parquet flooring is a popular choice. It does, however, come with some special considerations:

  • Your parquet floor requires regular maintenance to maintain its shine
  • Parquet floors scratch easier than other wood floors
  • Can fade after long exposure to the sun
  • Will likely require sanding when getting refinished

The good news for you is, The Men With Tools can address those considerations.

How Can The Men With Tools Improve My Parquet Flooring?

Your parquet flooring can look like new again without the sanding or lengthy curing process associated with traditional refinishing – that’s the The Men With Tools difference! We have developed a groundbreaking new process that allows us to finish your floor in as little as one day (compared to the 7-10 days typical with traditional refinishing), and in many cases we can do it without the sanding usually associated with refinishing.

Consider this:

  • We offer sandless and dustless refinishing – good for parquet!
  • Our finishing gets you back in your home or business in as little as one day!
  • Safe, non-toxic and free from noxious odors
  • Restores your floor’s like-new look
  • Our re-staining can restore your parquet floor’s color

With The Men With Tools, there is no reason to let the very few downsides of parquet flooring impact your decision to get your floors refinished if they will benefit from it. If your floor is suitable for the work. The Men With Tools can do it.

How Does It Work?

Traditional floor refinishing takes over a week to complete. Use your floors before the curing process is finished and you can do damage to them. But The Men With Tools does not refinish floors the way traditional refinishers do. Our cutting edge new methods do not use finishes that take a week to dry, do not require sanding, we can correct scratches and imperfections without creating wood dust in your home or office, and our UV flash coat & cure system cures instantly. Even if you have parquet flooring, you can be back in your home or office as soon as that same day!

But I Don’t Know If My Parquet Flooring Is Right For Your One-Day Floor Refinishing Service

It’s true that not all floors are right for the process. Most are, though, and making that determination is easy. Just schedule a fast in-person inspection with one of our flooring experts. We’ll have one of our representatives come to your home during a time that works best for you. They can offer you a FREE estimate right there on the spot!

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