Do You Have Pet Stain Problems?

pet stain hardwood floor Of all the things your hardwood floors must endure pets may be the toughest on them. Tracking in water and abrasives from outdoors, dings and dents from toys and knocked over décor, scratches from untrimmed nails, and the inevitable “bathroom” accident all take their toll on your flooring. Sweeping more often for shed hair and the additional traffic from everyday activity also accelerates the wearing process of your finish.  That being said, you can still have beautiful hardwood floors while owning even the largest of dogs.

There are a number of things you can do to protect your floors, but that’s another blog for another time, right now let’s discuss the damage already done. When it comes to those pesky “bathroom” accidents it’s important to know that pet urine not only eats away at a floors finish but it can also permanently stain the wood.  The smell left behind is terrible and incredibly hard to remove.  There are many homemade or store bought solutions to help remedy this, but none of them do anything for the finish and can even end up lightening the color of the floor itself. As for the scratching, denting, and dinging, fillers can sometimes work if the damage isn’t too severe but again this does nothing to bring back the shine and aesthetic value of your hardwood and its finish. So the question remains, ”What can you do to make your old floors look new again?”

The Men With Tools has the answer. Refinishing your hardwood floors and taking certain steps to accommodate your furry friend is the best option for having beautiful floors for a long time to come. Our estimators are experts at analyzing these issues and coming up with the optimal solutions for them. With pet urine stains, it’s sometimes necessary to entirely replace the affected boards. The estimators are well versed in identifying the exact species and cut of the various materials used for hardwood flooring and will go to great lengths to find an exact match if possible. This attention to detail is pivotal in maintaining the uniformity and visual appeal of your floor. Another way of dealing with pet stains is to camouflage them by opting to stain the floor a darker color. You’ll never notice that permanent spot again while the sanding and sealing process helps eliminate the odor. To ensure the longevity of this regained beauty, The Men With Tools recommends going with a finish that’s rated for higher traffic. This will greatly reduce the amount of wear sustained while increasing the amount of time before your next refinishing.

The Men With Tools is also well aware of the inconveniences involved in refinishing parts of your home and has options to help make the process quicker and more appropriate for your family and your pets. Our One-Day refinishing process utilizes a quick drying finish. These eco friendly products not only dry quickly enough for you to walk on them the same day, but are also a lot safer for your pet in that they release less harmful fumes for a shorter period of time. Traditional oil-based finishes can release fumes for months after the job is completed, something your friend with its nose to the ground all day definitely won’t appreciate. This also means less time out of your home while the work is being performed. No need to kennel your dog for 3-5 days or send your cat off to stay with a family member. The Men With Tools also offers a Dustless sanding process that keeps the dust created from sanding down your floors from overcoming your home. This dust can settle in small hard to reach places your children or pets might find before you do.

Overall, dreaming of being a pet owner with gorgeous hardwood floors is not a lost cause. With the right people behind you it’s a simple matter of proper planning and execution.  A One-Day Dustless Refinish from The Men With Tools is exactly what it takes to safely and efficiently get those floors looking brand new again.

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