Buying An Existing Home With Old Wood Floors.

new-home-floor-refinishingSo you’ve found the home of your dreams but its floors are a nightmare. An outdated dingy carpet in one room, a hardwood floor with water damaged boards and a worn down finish in another, stains made by who knows what everywhere else. Don’t let the neglect of past owners deter you from living in the home you’ve always wanted. With over a decade in the industry, The Men With Tools has seen it all and has solutions at the ready for your flooring problems. So, what can you do? The simple version of the answer is either to Refinish the old floor or Install a new one. The route that is best for you depends on the mess you’ve inherited.

If the existing flooring happens to be a gorgeous hardwood that has simply fallen into disrepair, refinishing is the way to go. There is no reason to tear up a structurally sound floor made of quality material just because the last resident couldn’t be bothered to properly care for it. The Men With Tools can replace damaged boards matching the species and cut type perfectly. Staining can help hide discoloration due to pet waste or change the entire look of the room to what you actually had in mind for your new living space. After taking into account the typical amount of foot traffic your floors will have to endure due to your family’s everyday activity, you can select  a finish that will stand up to it. The Men With Tools has a variety of finishes that can withstand even the busiest of households. With proper planning a refinishing can have your floors looking brand new again before you even move in your furniture.

Your dream home may not have come with the floors you had hoped for, but there’s nothing stopping you from changing that.

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