LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor Refinishing For Commercial Buildings

Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor RefinishingLVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is used in many commercial applications that need to maintain a more upscale or highend appearance while at the same time have very low maintenance requirements.  LVT is a very high quality vinyl flooring that maintains the appearance and texture of a luxury tile floor.  The use of LVT in a commercial setting is a cost saving measure while still keeping the desired look of stone or ceramic tile.

In high traffic commercial settings such as a restaurant or retail space it’s not uncommon for the heaviest used portions of the luxury vinyl tile floor to fade or become dull and discoloured.  This can be fixed withour replacing the floor!  The LVT flooring can actually be refinished (re-coated) with the careful application of speciality coatings that are then cured instantly by UV light using special equipment.

The Men With Tools is a full service floor refinishing contractor that specializes in refinishing or restoring luxury vinyl tile flooring in commercial spaces.  If you have LVT installed in your retail business, professional office, restaurant, conference room or any commercial setting and it’s beginning to look worn, don’t replace just refinish!

LVT Vinyl Floor Refinishing Done In Just One Day

clockWe’ve been refinishing flooring for several years and if there is one thing we know from our commercial customers is that they put off doing these types of projects because of the downtime involved with their business. The Men With Tools has addressed the problem with our one day refinishing process.

Thanks to our unique floor refinishing system and use of high-tech UV cured coatings it doesn’t matter if you have 5000+ square feet of LVT vinyl tile flooring in your building we can still refinish it all in one day.  Bring back the shine without replacing the floor.

leaf1Odorless and Fume Free

There is no sanding required to make a dusty mess and we won’t be using any harmful chemicals in your building.  With our One Day coat and cure process you’ll have beautiful looking LVT floors without any harmful fumes or noxious chemical smells and they’ll be ready to walk on the same day.

LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Recoating and Refinishing

  • UV Coatings For LVT Flooring
  • LVT Floor Recoating For Restaurants
  • LVT Floor Recoating For Retail Spaces
  • Recoating LVT Flooring in Professional Offices
  • Non-Slip Coatings For LVT Flooring
  • Protective Coatings For LVT Flooring

Let’s Schedule The Day To Recoat Your LVT Flooring

VanRear-TMWTThe Men With Tools recognizes that our commercial clients have specific requirements and strict windows of time to complete these types of projects so whenever applicable or whenever it can best the suit the customer we can arrange for your floors to be refinished at any time of the day or night.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to refinish your bamboo wood flooring in your commercial setting then please give us a call or fill out a form today.