LVT Floor Refinishing Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Floor RefinishingDo you have an LVT floor in your home?  LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile flooring.  It’s a very high quality vinyl flooring that maintains the appearance and texture of a luxury tile.  Becoming quite popular in new home construction and remodeling projects because of it’s luxury look and affordability compared to the real building materials such as natural tile or stone.

If your luxury vinyl tile floor has already started to fade or become dull and discoloured in some areas than you might be happy to know that your floor doesn’t need to be replaced.  The LVT flooring can actually be refinished (re-coated) with the careful application of speciality finishes that are then cured instantly by UV light produced using special equipment.

The Men With Tools is a full service floor refinishing contractor that specializes in refinishing or restoring luxury vinyl tile flooring.  If you have LVT installed in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, hallway or main entrance and it’s beginning to look worn, don’t replace just refinish!  With our specialized UV cured finishes we can complete your entire vinyl floor in just one day.

LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor Refinishing New York and New Jersey

  • Restore Sheen Back To LVT Floors
  • Protect Your LVT Floors From Wear
  • One Day Service Available
  • Urethane Clear Coat Finishes for LVT Flooring

Even if you are happy with the finish on your current luxury vinyl tile floor there are other improvements we can make as well such as non-slip coating using a special UV cured powder or even adding stain resistance and easier cleaning.  If you’d like to have an estimate to restore the beauty to your LVT or luxury vinyl tile flooring then give us a call or fill out our form today.