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New laminate flooring can give you the elegant look of hardwood floors without the expense. For this reason, laminate flooring is hugely popular in homes throughout Staten Island. It is extremely durable, comes in literally hundreds of different styles and designs, and can be installed in almost any room in your home (though please take note that it is not recommended for bathrooms or other moisture prone places).

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling offers laminate flooring from several leading manufacturers, including Bruce, Pergo, Quick Step, and many more. Each of these brands offer a wide range of patterns and colors that look like real hardwood flooring. We’ll be able to work with you to help you choose the material that’s going to look and perform the best.

The Men With Tools offers professional laminate flooring installations in Staten Island New York

The Men With Tools offers professional laminate flooring installations in Staten Island New York

Floating laminate flooring is installed piece-by-piece via a locking mechanism. Floating laminate flooring installs quickly and is an excellent option when you’d like to cover your existing flooring without being forced to pull it all up.

This option is excellent for high traffic areas. Most home owners choose to install laminate flooring in rooms that their children typically play in, or in homes with large pets.

Laminate Flooring Tip:  Laminate flooring usually comes in three grades of quality from good, better and best. The grade is determined by the quality of the pattern, the durability, and its moisture resistance. The quality of the warranty also affects the grade and final cost of the product.

Laminate flooring manufacturers also use another grading system depending on the application of the laminate. This rating is called an AC (or Abrasion Class) rating.  Typically most homeowners and light commercial users should look for a laminate with at least an AC 3 rating.  This ensures you get a durable laminate floor that will stand up to normal wear.

We offer high quality laminate flooring with professional installation

We offer high quality laminate flooring with professional installation.

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling are laminate flooring installation experts that serve Staten Island, New York. You want a more functional home? Want to ensure your floors are ready to stand up to your kids or pets? That’s where The Men With Tools and our qualified team of installers can help. We’ll look after the fine details of your project and leave nothing behind in the process aside from beautiful new laminate flooring.

We will never hard sell anyone. Our goal is to offer quality products and professional installation services at a fair price. Call us today if you won’t settle for anything less than an honest and reliable laminate flooring installer. Still not convinced? Check out our REAL customer testimonials HERE.

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