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Interior Door Replacements in Staten Island

Interior Door Replacement and Installation in Staten Island New York.

Think about the interior of your home and doors are probably one of the last things that spring to mind, but consider this: every aspect of your home is linked together by them. Every room. Every closet. Every living space. That’s why replacing old or damaged interior doors is an affordable project that can transform your home in ways you probably haven’t considered.

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling is a full-service contractor serving Staten Island New York. We specialize in the installations of interior door systems from some of the nation’s top manufacturers. We can help you improve the look in almost every room in your home by utilizing the right interior door to compliment the space. And the benefits of new interior doors go beyond mere looks.

Don’t take your interior doors for granted. They are a design element that too many people overlook, yet which can have a major impact on your décor and the overall look of your house. We can assist you in finding interior doors that will transform your interior and make it look fresh and new.

No matter the aesthetics of your home, we have a door to match. From chic retro to sleek and modern to classic and timeless, we’ll have a set of interior doors in the style, color and materials perfect for you.

Doors are an important part of your home. They have a subtle but ever-present impact on your quality of life and can even save you money on your energy bills. Speak to one of our door installation experts if you’re ready for an upgrade.

Interior Door Replacement and Installations in Staten Island New York

  • New Interior Doors
  • New Wood Interior Doors
  • New Metal Interior Doors
  • New Composite Interior Doors
  • Pre-Hung Interior Doors
  • New Pocket Door Installations
  • French Door Replacement and Installation

What You Need To Know About Choosing Your Interior Doors

There are many different types and styles of interior doors and without a little bit of knowledge, the door selection process can be overwhelming.  Here are a few different types and styles of interior doors that we can sell and install.

Wood or Composite Interior Doors

Both wood and wood composites are popular interior door materials.  Wood provides a natural beauty that is hard to match and comes in a wide variety of species to compliment almost any decorating scheme.  Wood composites take the unique characteristics of wood, such as the grain and the various shades of natural wood, and pair it with the durability and longevity of composite (man-made) materials.

Interior Door Configurations

Doors can be configured in several different ways, from just a single door, to a pocket door, or even a double door for wide entrances and a more open feel. It's important to thoroughly assess your space to determine which door is going to work best for you.

Interior Doors With Glass Inserts

Interior doors can be given a designer touch by utilizing decorative glass or clear glass with metal/aluminum grills.  Textured glass is available as well and works great for situations where you'd like to let in natural light but want to prevent anyone from seeing through.

Hollow or Solid Core Interior Doors

Hollow core interior doors are typically lighter weight doors.  If you aren't concerned with the transmission of sound through the door or security, then a hollow core door is an excellent choice.  Solid core doors are used in areas where more security and privacy are needed.  Solid core doors are much better at reducing noise and sound, and make a great entry into a bedroom or home office.

Door Slabs or Pre-Hung Doors

When choosing a door, it's important to know the difference between Door Slabs and Pre-Hung Doors. A door slab is the basic door all on its own, no frame and no hardware. These are great choices if you are replacing an interior door with existing hardware.  If a door is pre-hung, it generally has the door already mounted in a frame along with all necessary parts and hinges.


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