Wood Floor Refinishing in Staten Island New York

Sanding and refinishing an existing wood floor is easy with our UV instant curing finishes

Sanding and refinishing an existing wood floor is easy

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors is necessary when excessive scratching, damage or wear through occurs on your finish and flooring. Sanding an existing hardwood floor creates a fresh surface for application of new stain colors and finishes. Not just anyone can sand a floor, however. Properly sanding and prepping a hardwood floor for refinishing requires a highly trained eye and detailed knowledge of woods, techniques, and their specific applications.

Unfortunately, sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor hasn’t been a simple process throughout the years. Chances are you’ve experienced it in the past or heard just how messy and time consuming it can be.

The Men With Tools is an expert in hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. We’ve been refinishing floors every day in Staten Island for the last 20 years. We know where other flooring contractors commonly “cut corners” with refinishing projects, and that’s something we refuse to do. With our system, the result is a higher quality refinishing job that lasts longer, and a customer that wants to come back and work with us again.

To achieve beautiful sanding and refinishing results we typically perform the following:

commercial-wood-floor-refinishing-1-300x173Protect your home. By covering all non affected areas and using our state of the art dustless refinishing system.


Strip off the old finish (First cut). Using a coarse or rough grit sandpaper depending on your floor’s condition. This important first sanding is responsible for sanding away existing finish, scratches and any imperfections.

Sand your floors (Second cut). Using a finer grit paper one or two more times depending on the project. After the sanding is completed, you will have a perfectly new smooth hardwood surface that is ready for application of our state of the art finishes.

Screening (final sand). Using a fine screen attached to a buffer, this part of the process finishes the wood, giving it a smooth texture.


Preparation of the surface. We scour the entire area, vacuuming and tacking all loose dust and particles to guarantee a quality finish.


img_5143Application of finishes. You can choose to stain your floors a color with 24 different choices from Dura-seal stains or go with a lighter more natural look in either Satin, Semi-gloss or High gloss sheens. Either way you'll be amazed with the results!

Curing our UV finish. Our coat and cure finish dries instantly when introduced to our UV light machine, allowing you to return home to a floor that is fully cured and ready to live on, without dangerous chemicals or odors.

The Men With Tools offers quality products and professional sanding and refinishing services at a fair price, end of story. Give us a call today if you want to work with an honest and reliable sanding and refinishing contractor in Staten Island.

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