Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Reduce your moving stress

moving hardwood refinishing

  Moving tends be an extremely stressful process. From the moment you make the decision til your first night fully unpacked, the anxiety and sheer number of things to do can be overwhelming. With so much to worry about, The Men With Tools can help ease some of the burden with a one day wood floor refinish. Using our advanced coat and cure system, we are able to get your floors looking brand new and move in ready in as little as one day. This is a perfect option for improving the floors and overall appeal right before you move into your new place, before selling your old place, or immediately after you move out.

  Freshly refinished floors are a great start for life in a new home. From a buyer’s perspective it will allow you to customize the space to better suit your own style. With several tints and levels of gloss available, you can achieve the look you’ve always wanted regardless of the existing floor’s condition. A one day refinish can have all this accomplished the day before you move in, sparing you the hassle of moving or storing furniture. Our coat and cure finishes are also much stronger than traditional oil or water based finishes and 25% harder than the finish provided on prefinished flooring. That’s a great starting point for having beautiful floors for a long time to come.

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Refinished Hardwood Floors Before Moving In.

  From a seller’s perspective, worn out hardwood floors can make it difficult to sell a house. Lowball offers and general disinterest are common once potential buyer’s see worn, discolored, or damaged flooring. The Men With Tools one day coat and cure refinishing system can have those floors looking amazing again without putting you out of the house for the typical 5-7 day period. This revolutionary process can help you deliver the “wow factor” that will help sell your home for the price it’s worth. You can also offer this service as an incentive to prospective buyers and have the floors refinished after you move out but before the new owners move in. This can save a lot of hassle for all parties involved.

  Of all the factors that affect the buying and selling a house, the condition of the floors is a make or break that can easily be overcome. With cutting edge technology and techniques, The Men With Tools can help ease some of the stress from the process by ensuring that the highest quality work is performed by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen in a timely and efficient manner. With several refinishing options and a full range of  installation services, you don’t have to let worn down old floors stand between you and your next home.

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