One Day Hardwood Floor Refinishing

A Fast & Affordable Solution

Not all hardwood floors are created equal! For floors that don’t need a complete sanding, or can't be sanded we’re able to offer our one day hardwood floor refinishing package. This saves you time and eliminates the hassles associated with traditional hardwood floor refinishing methods. With our 1 day hardwood floor refinishing service you will receive a non toxic finish that is two times more durable than traditional water or oil based air dry systems plus it cures instantly leaving no odors behind.

How the one day hardwood floor refinishing process works..

Our one day hardwood floor refinishing service doesn't require a sanding down to the raw wood of your current floor. Instead, we perform a deep cleaning to remove all existing dirt and chemicals while softening whats left to promote adhesion of our coat and cure finish. After cleaning we perform a light abrasion using a buffing machine with a special sanding screen. This removes leftover scratches and imperfections in your wood floor’s surface, and prepares it to receive our finish. Once that’s done, we apply 2 brand new coats of our ultraviolet reactant finish, and cure it with our UV flash so it’s dry and ready for you to enjoy in a matter of seconds.

“How can I tell if my floor qualifies for your one day hardwood floor refinishing service?”

In some rare cases our one day hardwood floor refinishing service is not suited for extreme situations, we can let you know if you need a re-sand service. after a quick in-person inspection. Just click the button below to schedule your estimate now, and we’ll send one of our wood floor refinishing experts to your home at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Our one day hardwood floor refinishing package is ideal for…

  • Most hardwood floors
  • Hardwood floors with moderate scratching or wear
  • Newer hardwood floors that need a “pick me up”
  • Hardwood floors that have been sanded multiple times
  • And More

Save Time - Save Money - One Day Wood Floor Refinishing!


Homeowners: It's now possible to leave for work in the morning and return home to a brand new refinished hardwood floor that same evening fully cured ready to live on right away!

Commercial Business owners: Don't shut down for days. We can now completely refinish your floors over night allowing you to open for business the next day. Fully cured and ready for business.