Energy Efficient Windows In Staten Island New York

Energy Efficient windows save money and make your home a better place to live in

Energy Efficient windows save money and make your home a better place to live in


For most people, the main reason they want to replace the windows in their home is because those windows are starting to look worn down, weathered, faded and cracked. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon with older windows. They weren’t always made to stand the test of time.

Yet take a closer look at modern window technology and another important reason for upgrading appears: energy efficiency. And believe us, the benefits of energy efficient windows are more numerous than you imagine.

That’s why here at the Men With Tools, we carry a wide range of energy efficient windows from manufacturers like Andersen, Pella, Soft-Lite, and Marvin. Because we want you to have the very best. Here is what you need to know about Energy Star® qualified windows:

What Is Energy Star®?

Energy Star® is a consumer standard for energy efficient home products, and one that is recognized throughout the world. The standard was created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1995, and has since been adopted by the European Union, New Zealand and Australia, Japan, Canada, and others.

In order to qualify as an Energy Star® product, it must prove to be at least 20-30% more energy efficient than federal standards. When it comes to windows, this means Energy Star® windows like those carried by the Men With Tools are dramatically more efficient than others. Since its advent, some 40,000 consumer products have become Energy Star® rated.

  • Recognized on 4 continents
  • Energy efficiency 20% or more better than other products
  • More than two decades of oversight
  • Huge selection with the Men With Tools

Cooler Summers, Warmer Winters

When your windows are more energy efficient, they do a better job of trapping inside air in your home and keeping outside air out. They also do a better job of separating indoor temperatures from outdoor temperatures. The result is that your air-conditioning or heating system does not have to work as hard to keep your home cool or warm, and the work it does do is going to be more effective.

That means during those blistering hot summers, your refreshingly cool refuge will remain refreshingly cool no matter how hot it gets outside. It means during the worst of winter, you won’t get annoying drafts and cold spots, and won’t need a sweater while you’re inside. In other words, energy efficient windows will improve your quality of life!

  • Cooler summers!
  • Warmer winters!
  • No drafts or cold spots!
  • A more enjoyable quality of life!

Putting More Money In Your Wallet

Improving your quality of life is a big plus, but in some ways an even bigger plus of choosing Energy Star® energy efficient windows from manufactures like Pella, Soft-Lite, Anderson and Marvin is that they help put money right back into your pocket. That’s the whole idea behind energy efficiency: to use less energy while still doing the same job.

The concept is simple: when your heat or A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your house warm or cool, it uses less energy. And when it uses less energy, you spend less money heating or cooling your home. It’s that simple. And yes, that means over the long term, many window installation projects will even pay for themselves! This is an investment in your future!

  • Money back in your pocket!
  • Energy Star® products saved $14 billion in 2006 alone
  • Lowers your carbon footprint
  • HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, will last longer

Get Energy Efficient Windows With the Men With Tools Today

Saving money on your bills. Cooler summers. Warmer winters. No more drafts. An improved quality life. Isn’t it time you talked to The Men With Tools about installing energy efficient windows in your Staten Island New York home?

No hard sell tactics. No crazy gimmicks. Just quality products installed by the best craftsmen in the region, all of them background checked and drug tested for your peace of mind.

To request your free estimate, contact The Men With Tools today at 347-815-4151 or use our online contact form.


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