Dark boards? When Hardwood Floor Repairs Are Necessary

Damaged and dark wood floor boards with pet stainsThe benefits of having hardwood floors are many. The look. The longevity. The ease of maintenance. All are big positives. If there is a negative it’s that you can’t simply tear them out and replace them if your floor is damaged the way you can with carpeting, tiles or linoleum.

The good news is, most cases of damage to wood flooring can be repaired by replacing the affected boards and/or refinishing. Hardwood floor repair is generally best left to the experts – despite your best intentions, it’s easy to unwittingly do even MORE damage to your floor if you don’t know what you’re doing. In the right hands, the results can often be astonishing.

Common flaws and damage that needs to be fixed include:

  • Scratches from pets
  • Scuffs from moving furniture
  • Warping / bubbling from water damage
  • Abrasions from poorly done sanding
  • Chips from dropping heavy objects
  • Dark discolored boards from water or pets

One of the best ways to fix these issues while also restoring your floor to its like-new shine is to have your floors professionally repaired and refinished. There is no better means of hardwood floor repair!

What Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

You’ve probably heard the term wood floor refinishing but may not be completely clear on what it is and how it relates to wood floor repair. It’s simple: it is a method of deeply cleaning, repairing, and restoring your floors so they once again look like they did the day you had them installed.

In the past, hardwood floor refinishing was a time-consuming process that would force you out of your home for a week or more while the finish did its job. Most refinishers still do it that way, too.

At The Men With Tools, however, we have developed a proprietary system that can get you back in your home or office in as little as one day. That’s right, in just one day! The advantages of our groundbreaking new service are many:

  • Whether at home or in your place of business, we can bring back your floor’s like-new look
  • Our finish is more durable than traditional refinishes
  • Our process is safe for your family and/or employees and customers, with no noxious odors!
  • No hidden costs like those associated with traditional refinishing

Getting started is just a click or call away. Just click below to set up your on-site inspection of your floor. We can tell you if your floor is suitable for our service and then give you a FREE estimate right there on site.

Come Discover The The Men With Tools Difference!


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