Crown Molding Installation in Staten Island New York

Crown and cove moldings installed in Staten Island New York

We offer beautiful crown molding installations for homeowners in Staten Island New York.

Crown molding is a form of fancy millwork that is usually installed into a home or building where the ceiling and wall come together. Because of its high position, some might say that crown molding is king when it comes to enhancing the interior appeal of your home. Crown molding can be highly intricate, with elegant curves and angles requiring the installation of multiple pieces of trim. It can also be quite simple, designed as nothing more than a modest enhancement for a room. There are literally hundreds of options depending on your individual tastes.

Many homeowners in the Staten Island New York and New area do not have crown molding installed yet, but recognize that it offers an affordable visual enhancement for any room. The installation of crown molding might seem simple, but it's actually quite specialized and requires specific carpentry skills and intense math to get the corners worked out correctly.

Add Presence To A Room

Crown molding can help make an otherwise ordinary room “pop,” adding presence and elegance to what otherwise would have been just another room. That makes it a fantastic choice for master bedrooms, dining rooms, and other rooms that deserve a little something extra.

Highly Adaptable

No matter the style of your room, height of your ceilings, or other considerations, there is a style of crown molding for you. From the simple to the ornate, we can help you settle on molding that will work in synch with your home to create a beautiful space.

Enhance Your Decor

One of the great “tricks” of crown molding is its ability to enhance the look of your décor. By accenting, highlighting and playing off your furniture and architecture, crown molding can play into the greater whole to make your décor look even more impressive than it already does.

Mix & Match Looks

You are not limited to using just one type of crown molding in your home! Feel free to get creative, using the style that is right for each room, varying the size and design to best fit the look you want in that specific room.

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling specializes in the sale and installation of crown molding and interior trim. The crown molding we install can be made of wood, plastic and even foam, depending on the manufacturer and the specific style you'd like to have in your home. And you’ll love what it does for your room.

Crown Molding Installations Staten Island New York

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Why Choose The Men With Tools To Install Crown Molding?

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling are the experienced contractors you need for finish carpentry, including crown molding installations throughout Staten Island New York. Choosing The Men With Tools partners you with the best craftsmen in the region, who will meticulously install crown molding into your home to make it more beautiful than you ever imagined.

We’ll look after the fine details of your project and leave nothing behind in the process aside from our beautiful work. You want a more beautiful home? You’ve got some great design ideas, you just can’t quite pull it off on your own? That’s where The Men With Tools and our qualified team of carpenters can help. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form for a FREE consultation.

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