Unlicensed Replacement Window Contractors Exposed — Why it’s Important to Hire Licensed and Insured Companies

Hire the wrong contractor and you could lose thousands of dollars cleaning up their mess. Remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to haunt Staten Islanders — and for good reason. Mysterious contractors of all sorts came out of the woodwork offering a helping hand. But left behind shoddy craftsmanship … [Read more...]

How Much Do New Hardwood Floors Cost? The Staten Island and New Jersey Price Guide to Wood Flooring

Who said shopping for hardwood flooring was fun? There are so many factors involved, it’s overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. What kind of wood do I want? Do I want it prefinished or unfinished? Should I do the dining room and kitchen? But can I really afford to do both? Is it worth … [Read more...]

The Truth About Hardwood Flooring in New Construction Homes

You’re building your dream home. Top of the line everything — beautiful hardwood flooring, granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, bay and bow windows, tile, appliances — you name it. But a few months go by after you move in and you start to notice the wood floor has large gaps between the … [Read more...]

Lay and Pray Wood Flooring Installation Explained

There are many factors that you wouldn’t think of that goes into installing wood flooring. It seems simple enough. Rip up the old floor, lay, glue or nail down the new boards and you’re done, right? Wrong. “Lay and pray literally means what we say it is,” said The Men With Tools Owner John Kolbaska. … [Read more...]