Value Or Price – What’s More Important When Shopping For Replacement Windows?

The saying, ‘You get what you pay for,’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to shopping for replacement windows. Though at the same time, that doesn’t mean you have to shell out endless greenbacks at a big box retailer. There’s a difference between price and the value you’re receiving. We’re going … [Read more...]

Unlicensed Replacement Window Contractors Exposed — Why it’s Important to Hire Licensed and Insured Companies

Hire the wrong contractor and you could lose thousands of dollars cleaning up their mess. Remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to haunt Staten Islanders — and for good reason. Mysterious contractors of all sorts came out of the woodwork offering a helping hand. But left behind shoddy craftsmanship … [Read more...]

New Construction Windows Vs. Replacement Windows

Many people don’t know the difference between new construction windows and replacement windows. And many don’t realize there are 3 types of installation methods — new construction, full frame replacement and pocket replacement. Let’s start with the windows themselves and then we’ll dive into the … [Read more...]

How Much You Can Save on Your Energy Bill By Replacing Your Windows

When it comes to drafty windows, most naturally think of winter when cold air is seeping into the home triggering the furnace. You stuff towels between the screens and glass, against the windows and fork money over to companies who sell window-insulator kits, which claim will save you money in … [Read more...]

When Should You Replace Those Old Windows and What Are the Warning Signs?

It’s a question that’s not on everyone’s mind. ‘When should I replace my windows?’ Unfortunately for home improvement contractors, replacement window projects aren’t at the top of people’s priority lists. Usually it’s the flooring, kitchen or bathroom remodel or outdoor living space that’s catered … [Read more...]

How Much Do New Hardwood Floors Cost? The Staten Island and New Jersey Price Guide to Wood Flooring

Who said shopping for hardwood flooring was fun? There are so many factors involved, it’s overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. What kind of wood do I want? Do I want it prefinished or unfinished? Should I do the dining room and kitchen? But can I really afford to do both? Is it worth … [Read more...]

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost? A Price Guide For the Staten Island and New Jersey Markets

There are a lot of misconceptions when trying to figure out the real cost of replacing your windows. First, you need to understand what the industry standards are. When it comes to advertising, the industry standard is to offer a double-hung, white vinyl window with Low-E & argon gas measuring … [Read more...]

Not All Replacement Window Warranties Are the Same

When it comes to shopping for replacement windows, you want to make sure you have a strong warranty. Reading through warranties can be a daunting process as there are so many ridiculous loopholes and exceptions. First off, know this — not all replacement window warranties are the same. There are … [Read more...]