Affordable Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Staten Island

Affordable Hardwood Floor Refinishing At Its Finest!

You might think having your hardwood floors completely refinished in as little as one day would be expensive. But it isn’t. Thanks to our cutting edge technology and proprietary floor refinishing process, we operate with 10x the efficiency of traditional refinishers. This allows us to offer you more speed and more value, without the additional cost you might expect. It’s also important to realize that traditional hardwood floor refinishing has additional hidden costs that should not be ignored. When taking these into consideration, our customers see The Men With Tools as the clear choice for their floor refinishing needs.

No “forced vacation

With traditional hardwood floor refinishing, it takes 7-10 days for your new finish to dry. And even longer for that nasty chemical smell to finally subside. That puts you and your family out of luck, and into a hotel for at least a week--often interfering with your job. On the other hand, The Men With Tools gives you your home back in as little as one day, sparing you the hassles and costs of a “forced vacation.”

Top quality gives you more bang for your buck

In addition to being the fastest hardwood floor refinishers in the business, we also offer the finest craftsmanship and materials. This gives you the highest quality finish available today, complete with the added strength and durability that will keep your floors looking shiny, new and beautiful for years to come.

Health and safety

What could be more valuable than you and your loved ones’ physical well-being? And who wants to have their floors refinished, only to harm the environment in the process? At The Men With Tools, we always use safe and non-toxic materials that won’t harm your family members or pets, won’t leave lingering fumes, and won’t hurt the planet.

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