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Staten Island New York Replacement Windows, Doors and Hardwood Floor Contractor

Staten Island New York Replacement Windows, Doors and Hardwood Floor Contractor

The Men With Tools Windows, Doors & Hardwood Floors is not your average home improvement contractor. We believe that everyone should receive prompt communication, zero sales pressure, competitive pricing, a promise to stay on budget, and an outstanding installation experience.

Now that you've read our core mission statement lets go into each part a bit deeper:

Prompt Communication

Have you called or worked with other home improvement contractors in the past? How many of them answered your phone calls? How many called you back right away when you did leave a message? Did you wait days to hear back from them? Unfortunately, this is a common problem within the industry. Perhaps you've already called a company that hasn't responded to you before landing here.

Not with us. We've hired a full staff of experienced employees that are ready to take your phone call, answer your emails, and get your text messages. And if it so happens that you do need to leave us a message, one of our staff will call you back within an hour.

Zero Sales PressureOur attention to detail is unmatched in the home improvement industry

We hate salesman and chances are, you do too! Have you sat through a high-pressured sales presentation from one of our competitors?

We promise that you won't have to kick us out of your house.

  • We won't bother you with a three-hour sales presentation. Ours last 30-60 minutes.
  • No pushy sales people: You'll be dealing directly with trained professionals, who will listen to your concerns and deliver an accurate proposal.
  • We share your values: A quality job is as important to us as it is to you.
  • We don’t need the hard sell: We believe that the work speaks for itself. Talk to our staff and it will quickly become clear that we’re not like other contractors.

Competitive Pricing

What's in a price? What's the difference between Contractor A and Contractor B? Without going into an advanced course in finance, I'll try and take away the confusion: it comes down to materials, service, and staff.

Materials: Good, Better and Best. You've probably been offered these options before and in most cases it may be true. However, have you considered that some contractors might be trying to sell you junk with the hope of keeping their price the lowest? Be careful and do your research. A reputable company will steer you away from low-quality materials.

Service: What kind of service is being offered to you? Every contractor will provide a different level of service. Some contractors excel while others fail, leaving behind happy and unhappy clients.

Don't trust your gut, do the research. Check their reviews online, ask for references and check to see if they're properly licensed and insured.

Some contractors provide extra services, like hiring specialists to oversee your project, while others will be doing the work themselves. Look at the big picture. Figure out which service is a good fit for you and then you will start to understand the difference between the quotes you've received.

With all that said, We can honestly state that in most cases The Men With Tools will offer you a superior product and cheaper pricing than the big box retailers and national chains.

Will we be the cheapest price you'll find? That depends on who you call, but if you want the most value for your money, our company is a perfect fit for you.

Consultative Staff Members

We don't just hire anyone off the street. We look for the best employees in the market with industry experience and hire them. Once they've been hired they will undergo an extensive training period to prepare them.

How does this benefit you? High quality and experienced staff will help make your project a rewarding, hassle-free experience. From the initial phone call to the final details on the day of installation, our employees will treat your project with experience and professionalism, leaving you with beautiful results.

Stay On Budget

Simply tell us what you're looking to spend and we promise to offer you different options to stay within your budget while providing excellent service and offering quality materials.

Quality Products & MaterialsWe sell and install only the highest quality home improvement products and materials

Over the years we've worked with hundreds of different products and learned which products offer the best value for your dollar. These products have been hand selected by us for the following reasons.

  • Products you can trust: We conduct a minimum of two years research and testing before using any product in our installations.
  • Manufacturers you can trust: We only work with established manufacturers who provide high quality products.
  • Long-term peace of mind: Our manufacturers offer the best warranties in the business.
  • Modern designs, classic looks: The window, floor and door manufacturers we work with offer the widest range of colors and designs.
  • Products that endure: Because we work only with the best manufacturers, our windows, floors and doors will last for years to come.

There are so many processes and parts that go into manufacturing quality products. Our team breaks down every single component and detail to determine if the manufacturer is a good fit for our customers.

An Outstanding Installation Experience

Our team of talented Installers are background and drug tested. They must go through a multiple-step hiring process before working with us. We recruit and hire the most talented tradesman within the industry. You will find that our people will treat you and your home with the respect it deserves while delivering outstanding results.

  • True experience: Our crew leaders average more than 10 years of installation experience.
  • True trust: All our employees are background checked and drug tested, so you can trust us in your home.
  • True accountability: Our teams are trained and certified in the latest installation techniques, and are held 100% accountable for a properly installed job.
  • True leadership: The Men With Tools was founded by experienced businessmen with a long track record of success – success based on leaving behind satisfied customers.

A Clean Job Site 

We go the extra mile. We will cover and protect all furniture and highly trafficked work areas with tarps and plastic to minimize dust during the project and will leave your house cleaner than when we arrived. As an EPA certified firm, we will perform lead safety procedures in all houses when lead paint is present.

Money-Saving Energy EfficiencyEnergy efficient windows and doors in Staten Island New York

  • Lower your energy bills: Modern energy efficient windows can dramatically cut your energy bills, helping them pay for themselves.
  • Return on investment: Energy efficient windows and doors allow your home improvement project to pay for itself by putting money back in your pocket.
  • A more comfortable home: New windows and doors can eliminate drafts and cold spots, making your home a more comfortable place to be.
  • Energy Evaluations: Our state-of-the-art heat-sensitive cameras can detect cold spots and drafts, measuring how well your windows or doors are performing.

Attention to Detail From Start to We won't pressure you with sales tricks and gimmicks like other home improvement contractorsFinish

  • Cloud-Based Project Management: Allows our employees to track your project no matter where they are, keeping your home improvements running smoothly.
  • No surprises: A detailed installation checklist which includes an overview of your project means you'll know what we're doing and when.
  • Detailed site inspections: Our trained technicians will examine the job site before and after the project to ensure there are no unforeseen problems.
  • Years of experience: Decades of experience from the top craftsmen in the region give you true peace of mind.

Cutting Edge AccuracyAccurate measurements are an important part of your home improvement project

  • Measurements are carefully checked for accuracy, resulting in a precise fit during all installations.
  • In fact, 99.7% of our proposals and measurements were perfect last year.
  • Materials are measured by trained technicians with years of hands-on experience. Even the smallest details are included.
  • Pre-project site inspections help us ensure any potential problems or obstacles are addressed before your home improvement project begins.
  • State-of-the-art technology is used on every project to plan the project and ensure you get the best results.

Best Of All It's Affordable

 You might think having work done in your home would be expensive. But it isn’t. Thanks to our training programs and installation processes, we operate with 10 times the efficiency of other companies. This allows us to offer you more value, without the additional cost you might expect. It’s also important to realize that other companies have additional hidden costs that should not be ignored. When taking these into consideration, our customers see The Men With Tools as the clear choice for their home improvement project.


We work with all of our customers to produce outstanding results and satisfaction. Check out our real handwritten testimonials and photos of our work located in the project gallery

If you’d like to receive an estimate on any window, door or wood floor project in the Staten Island New York area then please give us a call or use our online contact form and we’ll be contacting you shortly.

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