5 Reasons To Refinish Your Commercial Wood Floors

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    Heavy Traffic: 

    Commercial spaces tend to have a lot of foot traffic. The constant back and forth that drives your business also leads to surface scratches and areas where the finish has worn right through to the wood. These imperfections are unsightly and usually found in main areas and entrances, leading to poor first impressions as new patrons etern the space. They can also compromise the integrity of the hardwood itself causing problems further down the road.

  2. Protecting Your Investment.

    Part of the finish’s job is to protect the hardwood from moisture and wear. Moisture can find it’s way through scratches and areas where the finish has worn down, leading to a long list of potential problems. Warping of the wood occurs in the form of cupping, crowning, and gapping which will also affect the boards around it. Refinishing the hardwood floors in your commercial space can help prevent larger problems in the future.

  3. Staying In Style.

    Styles constantly change as time progresses. Operating out of a commercial space that seems outdated and worn down can hurt business regardless of the quality of your products or service. A commercial refinish affords you the opportunity to choose the color and gloss level of your existing flooring. By keeping up with current trends in interior design, you let your patrons know that you have your finger on the pulse of the culture and you care enough about their experience to act upon it.

  4. Damage From Furniture.

    No matter how careful you are there is always the potential to damage hardwood flooring with furniture. Whether it’s the repositioning of racks in a clothing store or the constant moving of tables and chairs in a restaurant, bar, catering hall, or office, it’s almost inevitable that you will acquire scratches in your hardwood floors. While there are products on the market to help mask the damage, they don't actually solve the problem and eventually you will need to have the floors refinished in order to get them looking beautiful and new again.

  5. Moving Into A New Space.

    There’s nothing like a fresh start. Prior to moving into a new location is the best time to have the hardwood floors refinished. Before you move in your furniture and start full scale operations, you can customize the color and gloss level of the floors to match the incoming decor and get the floors looking brand new again. This is a great first impression to make upon opening and is easy to maintain.

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