$189.00 Replacement Windows – The Truth About The Price

The Truth About $189 Windows

No one really buys windows at $189 each - completely installed and sealed correctly with warranties.

That $189 double hung window price includes the least expensive window, the very minimum pay for low quality installers with the cheapest materials available.

Some of the installation items not included in the advertised price include:

  • Additional removal fee for steel or improperly installed aluminum/wood windows ($50-$150 per window)
  • Exterior capping and trim to replace old and deteriorating wood or trim surrounding the exterior of your existing windows ($75-$125 per window)
  • Foam insulation for proper installation ($15-$25 per window)
  • Disposal and cleanup fee ($10-$50 per window)
  • High quality interior and exterior caulking ($5-$25 per window)

Missing features on these $189 windows are:

  • Full screens. They'll give you half screens.
  • Adequate weatherstripping. Look out for drafts.
  • Pure virgin vinyl. They sell cheap recycled vinyl windows.
  • Glass with low-e coatings and argon gas. They sell clear glass.
  • Heavy duty locks and hardware. Their windows won't lock properly, or open and close in just a few short years.
  • Real lifetime warranties. They have pro-rated warranties that cost you lots of money when service is needed.

189windowsalesman2With all of the above it's easy to see how these companies are pulling the classic bait and switch. Don't just take our word for it. Call them, and they'll be happy to send you one of their high pressured salesman and you'll quickly find them selling you a cheap window for over $500.00

Dangers of $189 Replacement Windows

You might be thinking, what could possibly go wrong? Here's a list of things we've seen over the years.

  • Overcharged customers. They paid regular price but received cheap windows
  • Home heating loss leading to higher energy bills
  • Moisture/leak issues leading to hazardous mold and structural problems
  • Insurance issues
  • Complaints go unnoticed
  • Lack of access to reliable customer service
  • Full tear out and replacement 3 years after installation
  • Damaged furniture, siding, fixtures, walls etc....
  • Families exposed to harmful lead dust

Finding The Best Replacement Windows is Easy

Follow these simple rules and you'll have high quality replacement windows and an outstanding installation experience:

  • Check out reviews online, like Angie's List, Google and Facebook
  • Do your research on the brand of windows. Not all windows are created equal.
  • Avoid companies that make outrageous offers, like $189 windows.
  • Interview the appointment setter before you schedule the appointment
  • Ask for copies of their trade license, general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.
  • Schedule an appointment to stop by one of their jobs in progress

189windowsalesman3Be careful out there. The window business is full of characters. Take your time while making your decision. Don't ever feel pressured to "BUY NOW". That great deal the sales manager just gave you will be there tomorrow. Follow the advice above and you will find yourself enjoying your new windows for years to come.

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