How Much You Can Save on Your Energy Bill By Replacing Your Windows

Apr 04, 2017
Replacing your old windows can have a significant financial impact.

When it comes to drafty windows, most naturally think of winter when cold air is seeping into the home triggering the furnace. You stuff towels between the screens and glass, against the windows and fork money over to companies who sell window-insulator kits, which claim will save you money in energy costs.

The real issue here is you have drafty windows. Windows aren’t supposed to have drafts, so essentially they’re broken. When something is broken, you fix it, right? Again, many people don’t see it this way, they just patch up the problem with Band-Aids — in this case, plastic, towels, and heavy curtains which does nothing.

If you really want to save on your energy costs, you need to replace your windows and, most importantly, make sure they are installed the correct way. A botched installation will lead to the same problem a few years down the road. Some of these corner cutting methods include not applying foam insulation inside the window.

If you replace your windows once, you never should have to replace them again in the same home. If a deal appears to be “too good to be true” like those companies advertising $189 window specials, then it probably is.

Throwing Away Money

Every year you put off replacing your windows, the more money you’re throwing away. You’re better off tossing $100 bills out your second-story window. This sounds ridiculous, but would you rather give that money to the utility companies or random patrons walking by your home seeing cold hard cash floating down?

OK, OK. On a serious note, we’re going to break down how much money you can save by replacing your windows with Energy Star approved products. On Energy Star’s website, there’s a map that breaks down each geographic area. Our region — the Mid Atlantic — is the third-highest savings area next to the Northwest ($460) and New England ($465) because of the lower temperatures during the winter.

Let’s do the math. For our area, the average savings per year is $424 for replacing single-paned windows and $91 when replacing clear-glass, double-paned. That can cost you a serious chunk of change over time as shown in the chart below:


Time Period
3 years
5 years
10 years
15 years
20 years
25 years
30 years

Replacing Single-Pane

Double-Pane, Clear Glass


Hot, Humid Summer Air is Kicking on Your AC

What you also need to understand is these numbers don’t only reflect the winter. In the winter it’s the heating bill. In the summer it’s the central air/AC unit, but many don’t think about that. Do you ever see plastic or towels stuffed into windows during the spring and summer? Of course not. But guess what? That hot, humid air is seeping into your home causing your HVAC system to constantly kick on. That’s energy you’re burning and that’s why your electric bill is high.

Eventually, the windows will pay for themselves, especially if you plan on living there for a long period of time. But even if you were to sell, you’re adding immediate value to your home by switching out the old windows. Some manufacturers, like Soft-Lite, carry lifetime transferable warranties where the new homeowner can enjoy their energy efficient windows and also have peace-of-mind if something were to happen.

There are only 2 home improvement projects you can do that will pay for themselves over time — buying a new furnace and changing your windows, so do yourself a favor and stop putting off the inevitable — it’s time to replace your windows.

Are you in the market for replacement windows? Check out The Men With Tools on Staten Island, NY who won’t caulk and walk and will give you a fair price. Call us today at 347-815-4151 for a free estimate.

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