6 Worry Free Maintenance Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

Six Worry Free Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Looking Fantastic.


1. Do not use a traditional mop and bucket for cleaning hardwood flooring. Too much exposure to moisture will create warping cupping and cracking. If you do happen to spill liquids on your wood flooring, wipe it up with a dry cloth immediately.

2. When cleaning your hardwood flooring, choose only cleaners specifically formulated for your hardwood floor. Some cleaners have harsh, drying chemicals that can damage the floor’s protective finish, leaving a cloudy, or filmy residue, while others may contain oils that can be harmful too. For daily maintenance, use a dust mop or broom with soft bristles to get rid of debris and dirt. Dirt left on the floor, in high foot traffic areas can grind the grit into the floor’s surface, causing surface scratches.

3. TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! If you choose not to, heavy uses of area rugs and floor mats, in high traffic areas such as front or back entrances to prevent tracking debris from outside is recommended. Placing rugs and runners in high traffic exposure areas will protect your floors finish. Be especially mindful of this during cold winter months. Rock Salt, Calcium Chloride, and Sand will significantly damage floors in a very short period of time

4. Use felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs to protect your floors, and clean them of debris regularly. objects that slide easily will damage hardwood flooring, These felt pads will prevent indentations in the wood and protect the floor from scratches. We do not recommend using any plastic shields. Plastic shields will develop tiny scratches in its surface, causing heavy surface scratching to your floors over time.

5. If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed regularly, because long, rough nails can scratch the wood flooring over time. The activity, age, and weight of your pet will increase, or decrease the possibility of damage.   Crate training or proper potty training to ensure your pets only go to the bathroom in properly designated areas is highly recommended. Pet urine over a period of time will cause dark unsightly discoloration, leading to costly repairs.

6. Use common sense. Remember that your hardwood floor is like a piece of furniture, you will need to care for, and maintain it regularly.

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