Vinyl Flooring: When should you consider using it

Vinyl FlooringVinyl flooring, also referred to as resilient flooring, has been growing in popularity recently. Perfect for high traffic homes, vinyl flooring is a durable, easy to clean alternative to most other floor coverings. Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to produce vinyl flooring in almost every color, texture, and pattern. With near limitless options to choose from, finding something to match the style you’re trying to achieve is pretty easy.

In regards to durability, vinyl flooring will have no problem standing up to the heavy traffic of a busy household. Usually made of PVC, these floors can bear the abuse of kids and pets like very few materials can. Specially designed wear layers on the surface of vinyl flooring allows them to hold up against shoes, toys, spills, skateboards, pet accidents, and whatever else your family can throw at it. They are incredibly easy to clean as you can simply mop up messes without worrying about the special precautions needed when cleaning a hardwood floor.

Many models of vinyl flooring are designed to mirror the natural look of hardwood, softwood, tile and stone. The availability of so many patterns and colors grants you the freedom of simulating your dream floor without the downsides and cost associated with natural materials. For example some species of wood can be very beautiful but also very soft and easily damaged. Many manufacturers carry models following all the latest trends such as dark stained woods, grey and driftwood styles, handscraped textures, and more.

     Vinyl flooring is also incredibly easy to install. With many brands producing lines that lock together and float, installation takes half the time at a fraction of the cost involved with installing hardwood, stone, or tile. Another advantage to vinyl flooring is its ability to be installed anywhere in the home. It’s water resistance allows it to be laid in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and various places that might not be appropriate for some materials.

     All in all, the flexibility of installation and design options coupled with the durability and cost effectiveness of the product make it an awesome choice for almost any situation. While nothing beats the real thing, vinyl flooring is designed to mirror these beautiful natural materials in your home achieving the design you’re in love with without sacrificing longevity and peace of mind.

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