Subfloor Preparation in Staten Island New York

Subfloor preparation and repairs in Staten Island New York

Subfloor preparation and repairs in Staten Island New York

Subfloor preparation is probably the most important aspect of any flooring project. Your subfloor, which is usually concrete or plywood, is the layer of building material directly below your flooring. Its condition will ultimately decide how your finished floor will look, how it’s going to feel under your feet when you walk across it, and how long the floor will last. Because of this, it’s vital that your subfloor is properly prepared before new flooring is installed (something too few flooring contractors do).

Many common flooring problems like clicking when you walk across it, high spots, low spots, soft spots and tightness all point to issues with the subfloor that could have easily been avoided with a more detailed installation. This is a major issue in the building industry because most builders don’t want to spend the extra time required to prepare the subfloor. Because of this, they pass the responsibility to the flooring contractor, who usually doesn’t allow for very much subfloor preparation in their bid, if any at all.

That is where The Men With Tools Home Remodeling stands apart. If you’re looking for the highest quality flooring job, subfloor preparation might be needed – and not many other contractors are willing to address your subfloor. We are. We understand what a subfloor is, and we understand how crucial the subfloor is to the final finished floor that we present to you. Over the years we’ve delivered problem-solving solutions and expertise to our customers for their most challenging subfloor issues. Our experienced crews can implement solutions to repair or rebuild your subfloor and bring it up to manufacturer’s standards so that your finished floor looks as elegant and flat as you’d envisioned.

Improve Your New Flooring

If subfloor issues are not addressed, it’s possible that your new flooring may not come out to the high standard of quality you expect. Subfloor issues can result in your laminate or hardwood flooring being uneven and having high or low spots. If you want the best, ensure your subfloor is addressed, too.

Lower Noise In Your Home

Sometimes, problems with your subflooring (especially wood subflooring, which is very common) can result in creaky, noisy floors. This can begin as a minor annoyance and turn into something that drives you mad. To help alleviate such problems or prevent them before they start, ensure you hire a contractor that will address subfloor issues before installing your new flooring.

Subfloor Preparation Services We Provide:

Concrete Subfloor Preparation

Prior to any work being completed, the subfloor must first be entirely cleaned of all building materials, including leftover drywall spatter and paint. Then with the proper tools and measuring instruments, we can check the flatness of your floor to determine what exactly we’ll have to do to fix it. Most concrete subfloors should not exceed 3/16″ of inch height difference over a 10-foot span to stay within most flooring manufacturer’s installation guidelines. We can usually prepare a concrete subfloor by sanding down the high spots and using a concrete filler or self leveling compound for the low spots.  In some extremely rare cases, we’ve even had to redo entire concrete slabs. Regardless of what we find, we can solve your concrete subfloor issues.

Wood Subfloor Preparation

Wood subfloors offer a different set of problems than a concrete subfloor. Wood can be highly affected by its environment, namely excessive heat or moisture which will warp the wood. This causes the creaking and cracking commonly heard as you walk across a floor laid on a wood subfloor. Sometimes repairing a wood subfloor could be as simple as replacing a few sheets of plywood and doing a general cleanup, all the way up to replacing problem floor joists made with poor quality or warped lumber. Because there are so many issues associated with a poorly done wood subfloor, it’s best to have the pros like The Men With Tools come out and take a look at your project.

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