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Soft-Lite windowsWhen it comes to vinyl replacement windows - Soft-Lite Windows are the only manufacturer we carry.

Soft-Lite Windows are widely respected as one of the best manufacturers in the industry, and they boast lifetime warranties on their products. That’s exactly why the Men With Tools chooses to do business with them. Because we want only the best for our customers.

At the Men With Tools, we believe there is nothing more important we can do for you than to provide you with quality installations and quality products. This is your home or business we’re talking about, after all. You’ll never make a bigger investment of time and money into anything else. We know how important this is to you!

So when you work with us, expect only top quality products like those from Soft-Lite Windows. We just couldn’t imagine doing things another way.




Soft-Lite Window Quality is Unmatched 

Soft-Lite Elements WindowFew manufacturers are as well-respected as Soft-Lite Windows. Boasting cutting edge window technology, an array of excellent product lines to suit every need, and peerless warranties, the Soft-Lite name is a name you can trust.

The Men With Tools are proud to carry Soft-Lite’s highly praised Barrington, Pro and elements lines of windows. With high energy efficiency ratings, competitive pricing, long-lasting quality, and a great look, these are products we are willing to stand behind.

  • One of the nation’s top manufacturers
  • Highly rated for energy efficiency
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Fully transferable lifetime warranties!

Cutting Edge “Compozit” Windows

Soft-Lite’s line of Compozit Windows are impressive in every way. Made of a combination of high end polymers, this line is made to be strong, long lasting, and to cut heat loss to a bare minimum. When combined with the Alter-Lite® Glass Pack, these windows can boast up to three times the energy efficiency of many other brands.

This incredible new line of windows is not only available in a wide array of colors and styles (casement, double hung, bay, bow, etc), it’s protected by a 50-year warranty. That’s right, 50 years! You’ll be hard-pressed to find better.

  • Multi-layered, state-of-the-art composite design
  • Innovative Alter-Lite® glass technology
  • Peerless energy efficiency
  • Protected by a 50-year warranty!

Soft-Lite Windows Are Modern And Energy Efficient

Energy Star WIndowsEnergy efficiency and Soft-Lite are two things that go hand-in-hand. Known for their air infiltration ratings – the best in the industry – and an award-winning manufacturer when it comes to energy efficiency, Soft-Lite makes Energy Star® rated windows, and are even Gold Label certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

This means good things for you. Soft-Lite windows can help you have a home free of drafts and cold spots, and when it comes to the bottom line, it means saving money on your energy bills. Being Energy Star® rated means your heating and air-conditioning does not have to work as hard, and that means less money out of your pocket every month. In the long term, this adds up!

  • Energy Star® “Most Efficient Products”
  • Saves money on your energy bills
  • Makes your house “greener”
  • Keeps your house cooler during hot summers

Innovative & Affordable Pro and Elements Line

Few lines of windows offer the combination of affordability, innovative technology, energy efficiency, and beauty offered by Soft-Lite’s Pro and Elements line of windows. Double-strength dual-pane glass with Low E & Argon gas standard. Warm edge super spaces. Foam-filled frames and sashes. They offer a lot of bang for your buck!

And Soft-Lite stands behind them, too, with an incredible lifetime, fully-transferable warranty. Reasons like this are exactly why the Men With Tools are proud to carry their windows. Because they make it easy for us to provide you with the very best.

  • Lifetime Fully Transferable Warranty
  • Award-winning energy efficiency
  • Cutting-edge window technology
  • Fantastic quality for the price!

Countless Styles and Designs

You won’t want for options when you begin to explore Soft-Lite’s lines of high quality windows. We proudly carry their Barrington, Pro and Elements lines, and think you’ll be impressed at the diversity of price, style, and features offered between them.

And believe us, no matter your needs, you’ll find it with Soft-Lite: Picture windows. Bay windows. Double-hung windows. Awning windows. Casement windows. Bow windows. Even specialty windows. If it’s part of Soft-Lite’s Barrington, Pro or Elements line, we can install it in your home or business.

  • Windows to match any property
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Award-winning energy efficiency
  • Quality installation by the Men With Tools

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If you think Soft-Lite Windows sound as enticing as we do, we have good news for you. The Men With Tools specialize in Soft-Lite Window installations in New Jersey, Staten Island and New York. Our experienced crews operate throughout the region, and can even incorporate door, floor, and custom carpentry installations into your home improvement project, too.

To get your free estimate, reach The Men With Tools today at 347-815-4151 or use our online contact form. We’ll get back to you ASAP so we can begin the process of making your home more beautiful, energy efficient, and enjoyable to live in.


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