Hand scraped Wood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand scraped engineered floor refinishing in New York and New Jersey

Do you have a hand scraped wood floor in your home that is in need of refinishing?  Hand scraped wood floors are a very popular flooring material trend right now made popular by it’s rustic, antique look which appeals to many homeowners.  Another popular reason for choosing a hand scraped floor is that their rustic, roughed up appearance helps hide scratch marks left behind by kids, moving furniture and pets.  As your hand scraped floor begins to wear beyond what is visually acceptable a little known secret is that you can actually have the hand scraped finish restored.

If you’ve been searching for a contractor to refinish your hand scraped hardwood floors you’ve probably already been told this isn’t possible.  That’s not true in the slightest.  There are just not very many floor refinishing contractors who have the equipment and expertise to refinish a hand scraped floor, it’s not a very easy job.  Depending on how worn the original finish is we can even re-hand scrape the floors the old fashioned way and finish them by hand brushing on the finish if we think that is going to deliver the best possible finish.

The Men With Tools is a specialized floor refinishing contractor based out of New York.  We specialize in refinishing one-of-a-kind, unique and antique hand scraped wood floors.  Our skilled technicians  are well trained in the specific techniques required to refinish a hand scraped floor.

Hand Scraped Wood Floor Refinishing Services

  • Furniture Removal To Clear Area
  • Inspection Of Hand Scraped Floor
  • Finish Consultation To Choose Stains
  • Light Sanding Of Floor
  • Re-Hand Scraping if Required

If you have a hand scraped wood floor in your home that could use a makeover then give The Men With Tools a call today or fill out one of our email forms.  Most hardwood hand scraped floors can actually be refinished a couple of times in their lifespan.  If it’s an engineered hand scraped floor then we’d need to have a closer look but these can generally be refinished at least once.

We’ll be able to send one of our floor refinishing shops on wheels (our vans) to your location to help you choose a stain, explain the process and provide a detailed estimate to refinish your hand scraped floor.

We will never hard sell anyone. We offer quality products and professional refinishing services at a fair price. Give us a call today if you’re looking to work with an honest and reliable hand scraped floor refinishing contractor. Still not convinced? Check out our REAL customer testimonials HERE