Floating Floors on Staten Island, New York

Floating floors are becoming more and more popular for new construction and remodeling projects because of their ease of installation and their performance over time. A floating floor is easier to install because it's not nailed or glued to your subfloor. Instead, the individual flooring slats are held into place by the piece next to it. They all lock together using a tongue-and-groove system that varies between manufacturer and flooring types.

Floating floors are designed to move with your building. When installed with the proper relief (1/4"-1/2") around the outer perimeter of the room they allow for a little bit of expansion and contraction of the flooring material. This helps prevent any binding in the floor (bumps and lumps around joints). The floating installation method is popular in laminate and engineered flooring on top of cement slabs, or wooden subfloors.

Great Flexibility

The flexibility offered by floating floor installations allows them to be used in almost any area of your home, even on top of cement slabs and wooden subfloors. That makes this a great option for renovating most areas in a home.

Ease of Installation

Because they are not nailed down or glued to your floor, floating floor installations tend to go a lot smoother than other types of installations. That means fewer problems, fewer setbacks, fewer headaches, and a quicker process overall for your home or business.

Cork Floating Floor

Cork Floating Floor

The Men With Tools is a full-service floating floor contractor serving Staten Island. We specialize in the installation of floating hardwood, cork, laminate and engineered flooring systems for residential customers.

An important point to remember when thinking about the installation of floating floors is that it will be taking the shape of your subfloor.  If your subfloor is uneven, or has bumps and valleys (common with concrete slabs) then we're going to need to prepare the subfloor or your new floating floor will take on those same bumps, valleys and uneven spots.

The Men With Tools team specializes in working on complex floating floor installations.  If you believe you have subfloor problems, we can help you.

Why Choose The Men With Tools For Floating Floors?

We sell high quality floating floors and offer professional installation services in Staten Island

We sell high quality floating floors and offer professional installation services in Staten Island

When it comes to new flooring, trust is important. Thankfully for you, The Men With Tools Home Remodeling has many years of experience installing floating flooring systems into Staten Island homes. Whether it's a floating laminate floor in your kids’ playroom or a new floating hardwood floor for your new construction home, The Men With Tools team can complete a seamless installation.

We offer quality products and professional installation services at a fair price. It’s just what we do. Give us a call today if you want nothing less than the best floating floor installer. And be sure to check out our REAL customer testimonials HERE.


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