Finish Carpentry Contractor in Staten Island New York

Finish Carpentry in Staten Island New York

Finish Carpentry in Staten Island New York

Do You Need Reliable Finish Carpenters For Your Project?
We specialize in all aspects of finish carpentry and molding work.

Finish carpentry involves finishing off all the exposed joints and corners in a newly constructed home. Where the drywall meets the floor you'll need baseboards, where the drywall meets the ceiling you might want crown molding, and you'll probably want nicely laid trim around doorways and windows too.

But this isn’t work you want to trust to just any contractor. Done correctly, finish carpentry can transform the look of your home and turn it into your dream home. Done incorrectly or with corners cut, it can make your home look second rate. And you don’t want that. Neither do we!

The Fine Details

Finish carpentry is all about minding the small details, something too many contractors are willing to ignore in their rush to get to the next job. Those small details can make all the difference in the world, however, and separate an amateurish look from a polished, professional look.

The Finishing Touches

They call it finish carpentry for a reason. These are the finishing touches on your home; the last little bits that make everything fall into place and transform your home from something run of the mill to something truly special. Don’t you want to be sure it’s done right?

Visual Impact

Finish carpentry can give your home the added “pop” it needs to stand out from the crowd. Features like decorative trim or wainscoting can add huge visual impact to your home, giving it the kind of eye-catching appeal you’ve always dreamed of.

Limitless Options

In the hands of talented craftsmen like The Men With Tools, your choices for finish carpentry are almost endless. You name the look, the style, and the material, and we can help you make it a reality. The only limit is your imagination!

Quality Craftsmanship

At the Men With Tools, we hire only the best craftsmen in the region and ensure they can pass a rigorous background check. The reason is simple: because we want to be sure we give you nothing but the best work each and every time.

The Men With Tools is a full service carpentry contractor serving the Staten Island New York. We specialize in the installation of all of the fine finishing details you'd find in any modern home. From beautiful baseboards to wainscot paneling to coffered ceilings and more, if you're looking to make the interior of your house extravagant we can help you choose and install the finishing details that will make the biggest visual impact.

Finish Carpentry in Staten Island New York

The finishing carpentry in your home is what makes everything come together. If it's not completed right it's going to be one of the first things people notice when they enter your home. It's important that your finish carpentry is installed correctly, with tight, square lines throughout your home. That kind of uniform look is one that only the finest finish carpenters can attain.

When you choose The Men With Tools Home Remodeling to complete the finish carpentry in your home, you are partnering with a team of the best craftsman in Staten Island New York. And that’s something that should give you peace of mind.

If you have baseboards, trim, crown molding, ceilings, wall paneling or other items to address in your home and would like a free consultation, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We'll get right back to you right away.

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