Entry Door Installation Staten Island

This customer purchased a custom smooth skin fiberglass entry door with 2 sidelites and custom exterior spectis trim.

The first picture shows the customers original red entrance door. The existing door was detaching from the frame and showing deterioration from water damage. The previous installer failed to properly flash and shim the door, resulting in the need for replacement.

After ripping out the existing door we applied a sill pan and flashing. We secured the door square and plumb into the existing opening and cut back the existing siding for the custom exterior trim.

The result is a properly flashed and functioning door that the customer will enjoy for many years to come.

The customer was amazed with the results!

We used several different products to complete this job. Here is a detailed list of the materials.

Products We Used:

  • Custom Therma-Tru exterior entrance door with 2 sidelites
  • Custom exterior spectis trim
  • Custom 4-1/2″ interior casings
  • Baldwin lock
  • 5/4″ x 8″ x 8′ pine
  • White aluminum capping
  • Spray foam insulation
  • High quality white OSI silicone

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