Engineered Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We can refinish your engineered wood floor with our 1day UV refinishing service

We can refinish your engineered wood floor with our 1day UV refinishing service

Engineered hardwood floors are a more cost effective alternative to true hardwood floors while still maintaining the hardwood look and feel.  Just like hardwood floors a quality engineered hardwood floor can actually be refinished after it becomes worn from several years of use.  The amount of times of an engineered floor can be sanded and refinished is only once or twice but it’s a much more cost effective solution than replacement.

The Men WiEngineered Hardwood Floor Refinishingth Tools Home Remodeling is a full service floor refinishing contractor serving New York and New Jersey.  We specialize in sanding and refinishing engineered hardwood floors in homes and apartments throughout our service area.


Engineered Hardwood Floor Refinishing New York and New Jersey

  • Engineered Floor Refinishing
  • Dustless Sanding Services
  • UV Cured Finishes (conditions apply)
  • Residential, Apartments and Condominium Floors

One of the biggest drawbacks for a homeowner or residential property manager that needs to have their engineered floors refinished is that there is such a long drying (curing) time for the water based finishes many of our competitors use.  The Men With Tools Home Remodeling specializes in working with UV cured finishes that can be ready-to-walk-on the same day we apply them.


Offering engineered floor refinishing services in New York and New Jersey

You end up with a beautifully finished new look to your engineered flooring without all the hassles of a traditional refinishing techniques.  This “one day” technique isn’t the right answer for every refinishing every engineered hardwood floor and after a quick inspection our flooring technicians will be able to let you know if it’s the right choice.  We also offer alternative traditional methods of refinishing using our dustless sanding system.

The best part is, you won’t be compromising on quality.  Our UV finishes are durable and strong enough for even commercial applications.  Why replace your engineered hardwood flooring when you can refinish it?  If you have an engineered hardwood floor that you’d like to have refinished then give The Men With Tools Home Remodeling a call today!

We will never hard sell anyone. We offer quality products and professional refinishing services at a fair price. Give us a call today if you’re looking to work with an honest and reliable engineered floor refinishing contractor. Still not convinced? Check out our REAL customer testimonials HERE

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