Easy Floor Refinishing in Staten Island New York

Wood Floor Refinishing The Easy Way

Wood Floor Refinishing The Easy Way

Old, scuffed hardwood and other hard surface floors can now be refinished in just a day or so thanks to a major breakthrough in floor refinishing technology – and it’s probably more affordable than you realize. Take a look:

How Technology Has Changed the Way Floors Are Finished

At one time, refinishing a hardwood floor was a labor-intensive project that had more than a few drawbacks, including putting people out of their home or business for a time, health risks, and other factors.

Thanks to cutting edge new technology in floor refinishing, however, that is changing.

In recent years, innovators in the field have pioneered a technique using ultraviolet light that can cure a finish instantly rather than days. For homeowners and business owners alike, this UV technology has proven to be a game changer.

Instantly curing the finish with our UV equipment

Instantly curing the finish with our UV equipment

While the science behind UV-cured floors is complex, understanding the basics is easy. A special flooring finish is used that can be “cured” (dried and sealed) with intense UV light. Portable equipment is used to cure the finish on-site, allowing homeowners to use their floors again in a fraction of the time of traditional finishes.

“The result is an impermeable, chemically resistant, extremely durable film comparable to the finish on prefinished flooring,” writes Hardwood Floors magazine.

Since it was first introduced, the technology has been refined to be used on all manner of floors, including hardwood, bamboo, engineered and others.

“This finishing technology can even be used on vinyl flooring,” says John Kolbaska of The Men With Tools, a firm out of Staten Island New York. “It has revolutionized the way we do floors.”

Kolbaska explains that with traditional wood floor refinishing, it can take days, possibly even weeks, to be able to get full use of the floors again. This is because the seal used on the floors takes time to “cure,” or to harden into a fully protective coating. Using the floors prior to being fully cured can result in scuffs, scratches, or early use damage.

As a result, homeowners and business owners having their floors refinished by traditional methods have often been displaced for longer than they’d like, sometimes necessitating lengthy stays in a hotel or with family.

UV Floor Refinishing

Portable UV lights instantly cure our finishes.

The UV technology now being rolled out by contractors like The Men With Tools cuts that time down to as little as one day.

“We’ve seen customers host parties or open for business immediately after we finish.” Kolbaska says. “That’s never been possible before.”

Writing for Hardwood Floors magazine, Jay Daniel Moore points out that even in busy environments like a restaurant, this pioneering new technique has changed the way savvy contractors do business.

“Our experience with UV-curable coatings has been excellent for pad-and-recoats, stain jobs, commercial environments, high-end residential jobs, and any quick turn-around situations where furniture is moving in as soon as the floors are cured,” Moore writes. “These coatings are zero-VOC after the point of cure, cured 100 percent, and available for immediate use – a selling point that can't be beat.”

An added bonus for the environmentally conscious has been that the new process is “greener” than traditional floor refinishing techniques, resulting in less chemicals and odors.

Men With Tools Home Remodeling“For us, this technology has changed the way we approach refinishing,” Kolbaska says. “It has made life easier for our customers and that is priceless.”

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